Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules


Last week, I blogged about the Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm. If you haven’t read it, click to read all about my love for cleansing balms. Today, I will be reviewing the Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules.


From the Elemis anti ageing range, the Skin Bliss Capsules helps to delay signs of ageing by providing anti-pollution detox, active cellular delivery and extra cellular restructuring (in other words encouraging skin to regenerate).


Formulated with moringa oil which has the highest concentration of anti-oxidant power up to 1700% more anti-oxidant power than other cosmetic oil to help repair the visible signs of ageing and counteract the damaging effects of everyday pollution.

Now we all know the key to combat ageing is to replenish what is lost by blocking and defending skin from cell destressors, harmful toxins and daily environmental damages.

The Skin Bliss Capsules comes in both pink and green capsules. It is recommended to use the pink (rose) capsule in the morning and the green (lavender) capsule at night. Just twist off the tip, squeeze out all the oil, warm between palms and smooth all over face using light fingertip massage.

I treat this product as a special treat for my skin and I use them once a week on the weekends. Both capsules are serums so best use on dry, cleansed skin and massage thoroughly. Even though both capsules are filled with oil but they both never leave my skin greasy looking.


These babies gives my skin a real boost without breaking them out. For days when I feel that my skin needs some TLC, I’d massage this diligently onto skin and I am always guaranteed well hydrated and glowy skin the morning after. Whilst it is pricey but it really works for me, a quick check online, there seems to be glowy review of this product all over the internet too. Guess I am not alone in gushing all over the Skin Bliss capsules.

PS: These capsules also brings back childhood memories where I’d still my mom’s skincare capsules and squeeze all the content out and apply all over my arm and legs. Gah, those were the days!~

Elemis products are available online via Adore Beauty


3.1 Phillip lim scout bagI have a thing for soft leather tote and buckle bags at the moment. This goatskin leather one is from 3.1 Phillip Lim (approx AUD$1,379) is what caught my eye recently. The gold toned corners gives it a polished and structured look. This bag has been out for a while now, I believe it was a 2013 release.

3.1 phillip lim scout bag

The size also makes it perfect to chuck things in, in a rush and the drawstring top opening means it is easy to open up the bag to look for things. Here is Jennifer Garner with it. The size is decent and at the same time still functional.

So what do you think? Worth splurging the pay check over this bag?



Back in April, I reviewed about Kerastase Densifique Density Activator hair treatment and fast forward a couple months in, we now have additional hair care product to the new Densifique range.


Today, I will be reviewing the Densifique Bodifying Shampoo and Replenishing Masque. For those of you who are not familiar with Densifique, it is a new Kerastase hair care range designed to combat hair loss for fuller body looking hair.

Featuring the unique Stemoxydine ®, this helps to mimic stem cells optimal environment to activate inactive follicles to encourage healthy hair growth. Combining with Gluco-peptide, Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid, it also helps to plump, strengthen and add texture to hair fibre.


My thoughts on the Kerastase Densifique Bodifying Shampoo:

  • Cleanses my hair well, as I wash my hair daily I generally don’t need to double shampoo my hair
  • Easy to work up foam
  • As with most if not all Kerastase hair care products, their shampoo never disappoint as it doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry ever
  • I did feel that due to its rich moisturising properties, my hair did feel a little shinier around the roots area (my oil prone area) when I use this shampoo. So I have taken extra care to use approximately a 50 cents worth of shampoo and double rinsing to ensure all traces of shampoo are rinsed off
  • Surprisingly, it doesn’t weight my hair down despite its richness


As for the Kerastase Densifique Replenishing Masque, it is as creamy and dreamy as Kerastase usually dishes up. It comes in a jar with an easy to open lid design even with wet paws. It smells like Kerastase hair products (quite floral) and delivers what it promises – moisturise, hydrate and smooth out my ends without weighing it down.

All in all, I like both products (provided I don’t go heavy handed with them) and if you are in the market for some reliable and hair care products that delivers, I’d recommend going to Kerastase approved salons to have a consultation to see which range suits you best.

Kerastase Densifique Bodifying Shampoo RRP$44
Kerastase Densifique Replenishing Masque RRP$62
All products are available via Kerastase Salons and alternatively through Adore Beauty


Tips for Beauty Shopping Whilst Travelling

shopping mistake

There was a time when I went on holidays, I’d come back with holiday shopping loot. However, that is no longer the case as these days, I come back with hauls rather than normal shopping loot. What is considered normal for today’s standard anyway?

Especially when it comes to beauty shopping, I have no self control. In fact, I have absolutely no self control what so ever. In the back of my head I know for a fact that I have more than enough make up and skincare products to last me a long while and yet whenever I shuffle across another beauty store, departmental store or beauty stall; I’d cave in.

Throughout the years, I have done the whole “Alright, I am not buying beauty products this time”, “I don’t need any more make up”, “I should stop shopping” routine but to be honest they never work for someone with no self control. I did however picked up a few tricks that is applicable for both beauty and fashion shopping when on holidays.

#1 Stock take 

Always run a stock take of what you have shortly before your holiday. That way you remember “clearly” what you have and what you don’t have whilst on holiday so you can limit yourself and narrow it down to a specific category to shop only.

For example, if I have heaps of eye liners but not enough mascaras, when I am on a shopping spree, I’d limit myself to browse around for mascaras only. This will work with clothing as well. If like me you have heaps of dresses but not enough skirts, I’d focus on skirts.

#2 Have a list 

Once you have done the stock take, you should more or less have a mental list of what you kinda need and what you don’t need. Note it down and bring this list with you whilst travelling so you know you will be coming back with a list of things that would complement your existing wardrobe or make up collection rather than random bits and bobs.

#3 Go with your instinct 

The whole point of shopping is also to have a bit of a fun! With the mental list in mind, go with your instinct to buy the object of desire that speaks to you the most rather than a bunch of random things just because.

For me, my weakness are with shoes, when I used to shop for shoes on  holiday I’d buy a bunch of shoes just because they are cheap but I no longer do that now and splurge in one or two designer pairs because I know I’d get more wear out of them and I find myself often reaching out to the few good pairs rather than the rows of cheap shoes that sits in my shoe wardrobe that doesn’t get any air time. Remember quality is always better than quantity.

#4 Have a plan

It is always good to research and plan in advance. Say if you need a new camera, do some online research to narrow it down to a few options so you can experience it in store rather than popping up in the store and winging it. Chances are you’ll be more satisfied with your purchase if you’ve done your research and planning rather than walking into a store and letting the salesperson to make the decision for you and this is not taking any foreign language barrier into consideration.

So there you have it, my tips on how to have a game plan when it comes to shopping whilst travelling. Do you have one? Do share!


Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm

Woah, what a hectic week it was hence the lack of posting this week.


Today, I am reviewing the Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm. Long time readers would know that I am a fan of cleansing balm over cleansing oil (cept for Shu Uemura Cleansing oil!). I much prefer balm because they are less messy, easily portable and they are generally more convenient to use to suit my liking without having oil spilling everywhere.

Having said that not many brands have got what it takes to nail the cleansing balm department. My long-time favourite is Clinique Take The Day Off Balm and I always have a backup in my beauty cabinet.


For those who are unaware, the concept of cleansing balm is in theory the same as cleansing oil. Apply on dry skin, massaging in circular motion helps to melt make up and daily grime away and pat some water into the mix to emulsify and rinse off.

The way I use it is, massage all over face, neck, lips and eye areas and step into shower to emulsify and rinse everything off. Quick and easy and this can be done in just a few minutes. The reason why I chose balm over oil is that the balm is easier to massage around the eye area to remove mascara and eyeliners without worrying any oil getting into my eyes.

So what do I think of this cleansing balm by Elemis?


For starters, this cleansing balm has a strong fragrance to it which reminds me of Eve Lom. It melts away easily and dissolves all my make up and grime efficiently. Combining ingredients like starflower, elderberry, optimega oils, rose + mimosa waxes and anti-ageing padina pavonica; this balm works to not only cleanse but also nourishes skin for a glowy finish.

Personally, I much prefer a cleansing balm with no fragrance (natural or artificial) as it is my personal preference. Despite its heavy oil content, this does not break me out or gives me any skin issue which is great as my skin is pretty reactive to oil based skincare.

It leaves my skin feeling clean without any oily residue like Eve Lom’s cleanser does. Overall, if you are into cleansing balm like me, do give this a go!

Side note: The cleansing balm also comes with a facial cleansing cloth that I don’t use, purely because I am lazy.

Available in Elemis spas/salons now 

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Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum

I’ve been in the market looking for eye products for a while now. To me, eye products are one of those skincare products that are hardest to nail. Some can be too rich, too stinging (believe it or not!), not moisturising enough, too fragrant, etc.

jurlique eye serum

So recently when Jurlique’s Hydrating Antioxidant Eye Treatment with Naturevive PB 18+ landed on my desk a couple of weeks ago, I was keen to give it a good whirl to see if it is worth its coins.


Designed to fight visible signs of dehydration, fatigue and fine lines, this eye cream is almost meant for me as my key concern around my eye areas are exactly fine lines resulted from dehydration and the late nights spent lying in bed browsing my phone well into the night.

jurlique eye serum

After using this eye cream, both day and night (one pump each use) for a good 3 weeks now; here are my thoughts re the Jurlique Hydrating Antioxidant Eye Treatment:

  • This eye cream feels more like a liquidy eye serum as it feels lightweight to apply and absorbs almost instantly under my eyes
  • It helps to prep my eyes for make up and concealer to last all day without showing signs of dryness and my concealer never crease either
  • Feels refreshing and smooths out my under eye area immediately upon application
  • Star ingredients: Naturevive PB18+ complex is a combination of potent antioxidant and essential fatty acid to help shield, protect, boost and correct under eye concerns
  • I didn’t see a huge different with my dark circles but the most noticeable results from this eye cream is the smoothness and hydration it delivers to my under eye area all day long
  • It doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes and despite its slight floral scent, my eyes were fine using this.

Overall, I would recommend this is you are looking for an all-rounder eye treatment product addressing basic under eye concern. Definitely one good to pick up and start using in your 20s to develop a good eye care routine.

Available in Jurlique counters now


My Journey with Invisalign Part 1

Imagine me as a thirteen year old kid, sitting on the dentist chair experiencing a traumatising episode where the dentist had just taken a physical mould of my teeth and was told that I needed braces for 2 years along with a jaw surgery to fix my protruding jawline.


My crooked teeth before Invisalign, one for the record. 

I clearly remembered sitting there staring at my mom mirroring each other’s horrified look. She (the dentist not my mom) was everything the horror movie would depict a child’s worst nightmare – the scary dentist. Instead of cooing and discussing nicely with her patient, we were “told” to do stuff in a strict and stern voice. At one point, she was even half arguing with my mom when she was questioned if jaw surgery is a little extreme for a thirteen year old.

Two years is after all an eternity for any teenager, needless to say I never went ahead with the plan and never went back to visit that particular dentist as it was too traumatising for me.


Excited with my first batch of aligners 

Fast forward to 16 years later, here I am with my Invisalign aligners snapped intact in my mouth. No scary dentist drama, no metal braces in my mouth, no social awkwardness and most of all no excruciating pain.

If there is one thing I wasn’t aware of before, it is crystal clear to me now that most of the people (4 out of 5) I have spoken to had braces done when they were younger. In fact, when I shared my Invisalign journey with them, most people are either aware of what Invisalign is, has a friend who is doing it or know of someone who is interested in doing it. I had no idea braces and the importance of straight teeth were that big of a deal here in Australia.


My first aligner 

For those who are unaware, Invisalign is the virtually invisible alternative to braces that uses a series of custom made to order aligners to shift and straighten teeth. There are attachments (tooth-coloured notches glued onto the surface the tooth) to connect the aligners so that they stay in place for the entire course of the treatment. These attachments vary with each individual and they also help to snap the aligners in place.

Unfortunately for me I needed a fair few attachments. I think a total of 16 of them had been glued on with almost one on every visible tooth on my top row. Some even had two attachments per teeth making them quite noticeable once I have my aligners in.

Invisalign Elastic Bands

Aligners and elastic bands in place

Invisalign also helps to address bites; hence I have these elastic bands to hook onto my aligners. This is not mandatory for all as it is case by case basis. Mine was to correct my under bite and to my surprise neither the aligners nor the elastic bands has annoy me or cause any pain so far.

To be entirely honest, the first week was the toughest as it is with everything new and foreign but if you can survive the first few days, I promise it gets easier and here is why:


One of the most frequently asked question I often get when people find out that I am with Invisalign now is – “Does it hurt?”  Or “Is it painful?” Truth to be told, I would not classify soreness and tightness as pain.

At most, it is sore and yes it is a little tender/uncomfortable to chew/bite but I’ll cover that a little more in my next point. The first day or two of each aligner does cause soreness and a little tight to put on and remove the aligners but it was completely bearable for me.


Everyone knows that I love food. With the aligners on, the strict rule is nothing but water (I did however survived on lukewarm green tea with no issues). Lucky for me I don’t crave for soft drinks, juice, coffee or snacks throughout the day, hence Invisalign fits into my daily routine pretty well, three main meals for the day and dining out isn’t an issue for me either. All I had to do was to head to the toilet, pop out my aligners, do a quick rinse and store them in the tray. All done in less than 20 seconds max.

A good rule of thumb in general is to avoid food that are too acidic or food that tend to stick to teeth. Reason why it is important to avoid food when aligners are in is because food and drinks will stain aligners and causes dental issues (eek cavities!) if the food/drink consumed are overtly acidic.

As mentioned in point #1, I did feel that my teeth are more sensitive the first two days of having a new aligners in. Biting and chewing especially on my teeth that are more crooked was quite sore and uncomfortable. The trick to minimize pain is to opt for softer food to avoid chewing as much as possible and also pop the aligners out and wait for 5 minutes before food as they will be less sore then when they are freshly out of the aligners.


Get use to this 3 times a days or more depending how often you eat 


This is perhaps the biggest change to anyone’s daily dental routine. I have a total of 29 aligners to go through and each aligner must be worn for 14 days. In order for Invisalign to work to its full potential, it is required a minimum of 22 hours of wear per day.

I often find myself rushing through meals so I can brush + floss and have the aligners back in and this process is repeated processes each time I eat. There are no short cuts and it has definitely brought my whole dental hygiene to the next level.


I started a diligent routine to banish the inevitable Invisalign breathe. I made it to a point to always brush my aligners once they are out of my mouth and soak them in water (or Retainer Brite once a week) whilst I eat. I drink heaps of water throughout the day and my oral hygiene goes something like this:

Wipe off all excess lip products > remove aligners > brush aligners with a toothbrush and water > soak aligners in water > eat > floss > brush my teeth, tongue, lips, roof of mouth with electric toothbrush > picksters (at night) > tongue scraper > mouth wash > pop aligners back in > reapply lipstick.

Whilst the process sounds intense but its couple of minutes tops each time as I’ve gotten so used to it now. I also carry a small little dental kit with me whenever I head out to ensure I have all the “tools” needed should I choose to eat.


Due to more saliva production, I found myself drinking less water which resulted in dry lips. So the key here is to drink heaps of water, apply lip balm frequently and when applying lipstick/gloss, once applied, I suck on my index finger to remove any lip products that are too near to the teeth area.

This way one can avoid the annoying lipstick on teeth situation which happened a lot to me for the first couple of times wearing lipstick since having the aligners in. Nothing worse than lipstick stuck on aligners, I also found myself paranoid by constantly checking my teeth in the mirror too.


You know what they say about there is always light at the end of the tunnel; it is the same with Invisalign. There were times when I felt overwhelmed with the whole experience and had mixed feelings if a certain issue I was facing was going to be there for the whole year but I am happy and glad that by day 10, most of the issues I’ve faced with on the first couple of days seems so insignificant now:

  • I had heaps of saliva pooled in the aligners and was spitting everywhere as I speak; I got used to this and learnt quickly to swallow before I start speaking.
  • I developed lisp on the first couple of days due to having foreign object in my mouth whilst I attempt to speak like normal. I quickly got over it by day 7/8.
  • I caught myself clenching my teeth/jaw subconsciously for the very first 2-3 days of treatment even in my sleep. It got to the point I had to remind myself to release the tension but that stopped by day 4 and has never returned since.
  • I also found myself running my tongue along the sides of the aligner and it got to the point where the tip of my tongue was sore. Again, this was done subconsciously and thank goodness the case of my curious tongue only lasted for a day or two.
  • As it is quite a bit of a routine and new experience for me, I had actually forgotten and left my aligner case at the shower room at work (where I brush my teeth after lunch every day). Thank goodness it was still there the next day. Ever since, I always do a visual check each time I leave any toilet.
  • I had trouble hooking the rubber bands on the aligners by myself but thankfully after multiple attempts, I managed to get them in 100% of the time now. The easiest way is to hook the rubber bands at the upper aligner and snap on the aligners carefully and viola, done! Just pull and hook the bands into the bottom aligner.


This is inevitable in my opinion. I use my nails to pick at the aligners to remove them and since I started brushing my teeth more and getting my paws wet more regularly, I find that my nails get chipped way too quickly especially on both my thumb and index fingers.

Still finding a cure for this and I’ve heard there’s a tool that might be able to assist this. Shall do some research.

Invisalign Review

 With my aligners in and I’m love it 

Now that I am more than a month into Invisalign and have gotten used to the routine of things, I have to say Invisalign is really the clearer choice for straighter teeth because it is easy to incorporate into my daily life, is flexible enough for me to remove and enjoy my meal and most importantly it doesn’t rub or cause any ulcers as I am very prone to.

Stay tuned for my second post with more updates and pictures on my Invisalign journey as I have also started to incorporate Acceledent* to my progress.


*AcceleDent is a FDA-cleared, Class II medical device designed for faster orthodontic treatment. Through the use of gentle micropulses, called SoftPulse Technology®, bone remodeling is accelerated, allowing teeth to move up to 50% faster.

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted this Invisalign® treatment for review but this did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product, results or experience. AcceleDent was purchased from my own funds. 


Lazy Girl’s Guide to Fitness

There was a time where I could binge eat, snack and drink and it wouldn’t effect my skin or body as I had good metabolism. Notice, the key word is HAD. Unfortunately for me, all that went downhill when I turned 25, ahem a few years ago.

I hate nothing more than dieting and exercising as both are very foreign concept for me and I have never dabbed into either of them throughout my life. Reason behind this is because I am too lazy to exercise and I love food too much, I even have a hashtag (#valfooddiary) for it on instagram.

So beginning of 2014, the combination of a bad shoulder and ridiculous weight gain; forced me to do something about it. Since I hated anything outdoor, involves me sweating or having too troublesome to get to, I started swimming (indoors) until I was really ill and in case you haven’t noticed it’s WINTER in Melbourne. Jumping into a pool when it’s 8 degrees outside is not exactly my cup of tea. Not to mention, swimming does dry out my paws, nails and hair as well.

Coincidently, I was half forced to participate in badminton (indoors) recently and found out I quite liked it. It definitely reminded me of my childhood badminton sessions with my brother and friends where we even played badminton on the road!

Whilst I am not amazing at it, I did enjoy hitting the shuttlecock again. Anyway, the point is if you are lazy to work out, finding something to do socially is a great way to keep you at it as well as keeping fit.

lazy girl's guide to fitness

I have also recently discovered – XHIT. A Youtube channel that you can do it in front of your TV at home (yay to not having to step out of home!) with abundance of videos being uploaded constantly.

quick fitness

This channel is god sent because it is easy enough to achieve even for beginners like myself and have not exercised in decades with 0% strength. There are easy to follow, really short (5 – 10 minutes on average) and are targeted to areas you want to work on.

So say, if I did abs today, I can turn to legs tomorrow and then upper body the next day so it’s constantly working on something new or just targeting areas of the body that needs a bit more work. Once the exercise gets a little easier, you can easily do combo videos by choosing a few workouts and combine them in a playlist and go from there.

Apart from targeted work outs, there are also cardio you can do which is great! Best of all you don’t need any crazy tools as most videos uses minimal or no exercise equipments at all. Great huh?

All in all, if you are lazy like myself, exercise doesn’t need to be outdoors or involve around a gym or personal trainer. All you need is a TV and internet connection to do it at the comfort of your own home, anytime you wish, dressed in anywhere you like! Score!

Good luck! x



#1 While you are at it, it doesn’t hurt to use body product targeted to tighten and firming up skin to maximize the benefit. Clarins, Mesoestetic are a few brands to keep in mind for these purposes.

#2 Once you have mastered a few simple work out technique via XHIT, try doing it anywhere and everywhere. Squat whilst brushing your teeth, walk up stairs instead of taking lifts/elevators, clench your butt, etc. It is all the little things that counts and will help in a long run.




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