Shu Uemura Red Juvenus Nutri-Essence Oil

When I first came across the Shu Uemura Red Juvenus Nutri-Essence Oil, I wasn’t too excited about it because having combination to oily skin my whole life; there isn’t many facial oil that gets my tick of approval.

Shu Uemura Red Juvenus Nutri-Essence Oil

However, after reading what it does and what it can do; I decided to give this a go and to my surprise this little gem actually ticked quite a few boxes like:

  • Doesn’t break me out
  • Smells delicious
  • Great to use for massage all over face and body
  • Keeps my skin hydrated and supple
  • Overnight, my skin appears more glowy and radiant looking

Whilst it is still a little on the heavier side, this oil was definitely a night-only use for me. I’ve used every single drop of it and love it equally on what it delivers for my face and body. Especially on the drier parts of the body – knees, elbows, feet.

If you are in the market for a good anti-ageing face oil, why not give this a go?




Containing active ingredients like Calendula, Vitamin E, Vitamin C; the Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick is a must have for this upcoming party season.


Not only is the packaging luxurious looking, the actual lipstick in itself is worth every single dollar of it because it is buttery smooth to apply and doesn’t accentuate my lip lines. The bullet of the lipstick also comes in a spiral form that is so cool looking.


Highly pigmented, comfortable to the lips without drying it out and amazing “never go out of style” colour – Rose Fuchsia, what’s not to love?

Available in Sisley counters now


Listening to: Dawin – Dessert

Currently listening to Dawin’s Dessert. I can’t tell if he’s singing about dessert or girls. LOL


Juicing & Smoothies with my Nutribullet Pro

fruit prep

For years, I avoided the blender/juicing craze, for fear that it might be one of those things that I’d buy just because everyone else are using it and then toss it aside, neglected after one month of use. So when I have decided to lead a healthier lifestyle and also committing to eating more greens, I decided to venture into the blender arena. Few months ago, there was a promotion going on with the Nutribullet Pros so I thought why not and picked one up.

nutribullet pro

If you’re like me who struggle to eat your recommended intake of fruits and vege each day, having a blender helps to achieve that. Of course I am not recommending that we only drink juices and smoothies without eating the real deal but it’s a good way to up our fruits and vege intake for sure. Not to mention there are heaps of healthy juicing and smoothie recipes on Instagram, pinterest and pretty much everywhere online to trial and never get bored of juicing.


It’s been months now and I can honestly say I use my blender every day except weekends as it usually mean I am low in time during weekdays + nights and is on my dedicated eating routine.


Every morning, I’ll have a protein smoothie which includes oats, unsweetened almond milk*, protein powder*, chia seed and a selection of fruits that I can get my paws on. I usually prep this overnight stored in the fridge and in the morning I’d just blend and go.


It fills me up and is absolutely yummy. Sometimes I experiment my breakkie with peanut butter + banana (omg so good but can’t have it too often!), sometimes with raw cocoa, cinnamon, even collagen powder; the options are endless you just got to test it out and find what works for you.

On the weekends, I tend to go out for brunches so I don’t do smoothies on the weekends just so I can break up the routine a little. If I have time, I’d also make my own breakfast + eat fruits fresh for more nutrients.


When it comes to juicing, I tend to keep this to green juicing only and usually weeknights after my gym session to go with my protein filled dinner. Again, this is what works for me and also because I am a lazy being; hence I would generally keep it simple by mixing spinach, lemon, ginger and water for a quick detox blast.

I am kinda like a creature of habit so I don’t mind having the same thing and experiment only when I can be bothered to try different things. Sometimes I mix kale, coconut water, carrots just to name a few to mix up my green juices.


*I am lactose intolerant and generally don’t like soy based drinks so I’d opt for almond milk which I find sits well with my body. My diary free protein powder brand is an Aussie brand call RAW and in my opinion is the best protein powder ever. (I don’t get paid to mention these either)


You know it’s a keeper when you start reaching out for the same lipstick day in and out. Lately, I’ve been finding myself reaching out for Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in #PK375 – Rossetto.


It’s a rosey shade that glides onto the lips effortlessly WITHOUT accentuating my lip lines or flakiness. The rosey shade gives my lips a bit of colour without screaming out for attention.


I love that how it compliments my skin tone so well that I am wearing this as my everyday lippie since I’ve received it a few months ago. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a lipstick that goes on buttery smooth on the lips, doesn’t leave lips sticky and stays on really well.

Available in Shu Uemura counters now


Estee Lauder New Dimension Range

Few months back Estee Lauder launched their New Dimension skincare collection. This range claims to empower women to transform and define their appearance in a New Dimension. Their hero products from this collection is their New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum and Expert Liquid Tape to help create beautiful contours and a more defined face shape.

As we all know once you’ve pass the 30 year old mark, everything seems a little lacklustre from body movement, metabolism rate, sleeping pattern, loss of collagen, cheeks and jawline appears to be less defined. Hence, it is important to eat right, rest well and also use the right skincare products to help as much as you can.


Enter my recent experience with Shape + Fill Serum. This concentrated formula helps to define the contour of cheeks and jawline by improving volume and structure to skin. The serum absorbs into my skin fairly quickly with a quick massage and I love the subtle fragrance in the serum the perks up my senses.

Whilst I haven’t noticed any drastic difference to my skin when using this serum, I did notice the following:

  • No breakouts
  • I pair the Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant cream as moisturiser after and my makeup sits well on top of this serum with no signs of with dehydration, sensitivity or smudging even when I was travelling
  • Keeps my skin well hydrated throughout the day
  • No signs of tiredness and remain supple even with my lack of sleep/rest the night before

When I first came across the Expert Liquid Tape, I thought it was very unique with its one of its kind concept. This precision-accurate treatment is to give a tighter feel to key facial contours – think where your saggy bits. Overtime, it’ll help to firm, tone and give a more lifted look.

For me, my problem areas are around my eyes and nasolabial folds, so what I do is to apply this liquid tape both morning and night on clean, dry skin before my serum step. Squeeze a half pea sized drop and apply on my targeted area with the applicator. I then wait until it is set completely and should be able to feel a slight tight sensations and then proceed with my usual skincare by patting onto my skin.

To be honest, it can be a little tricky to apply but the results are instant and quite amazing especially with the tightening around the temple and eye area to give my eye a lifted look. Definitely recommend this especially for a special day, big night out, event or mostly day use for me as night time I love to massage in my skincare and it would tamper with the film.

Liquid Tape – RRP AUD$110
Shape + Fill Expert Serum – RRP AUD$140
All products mentioned in this post are now available on Estee Lauder website


Listening to: Jealous by Labrinth

I’ve recently came across this song by Labrinth and fell in love with the emotions that was poured into this song as well as the lyrics that is applicable to all of us at one point of our lives. Enjoy!

I’m jealous of the rain
That falls upon your skin
It’s closer than my hands have been
I’m jealous of the rain
I’m jealous of the wind
That ripples through your clothes
It’s closer than your shadow
Oh, I’m jealous of the wind, cause






Dailygreatness – Mindful Gifting

In two days it’s November and in a few blink of an eye, it’s Christmas. Crazy huh? Where did 2015 go? I know mine has certainly been a whirlwind of a roller coaster ride – new job, new tattoo, new car, hitting new fitness goals, new friends, making new fitness habits, new eating habits, new travelling adventures and the list goes on.


Whilst there were ups and downs, I never fail to capture all of these down in my gratitude notes to ensure I remember the happy times that are worth reminiscing and also the bad times so we can learn from our lessons and to remind ourselves that we are stronger than what we think we are capable of. Recently, I came across these journals from Dailygreatness and I just wanted to share with you all about how amazing they are and are also the perfect Christmas gifting idea.


Everyone loves a good journal, especially one that is pretty and motivational. You can’t go wrong with these ones from Dailygreatness. Personally I am using both the Training Journal to document my fitness journey and the Business Planner to jot down all my business idea for my next upcoming project (very exciting!).


As I am constantly trialling, experimenting and working out the routines that my body reacts the best; I find that writing them down all in a journal really helps to highlight the best exercise combo and also to track my fitness progress. This is especially important if you work out heaps and is trialling different things so you can look back and develop what’s best for you.


Both journals comes with motivational quotes peppered throughout the pages in “Instagram worthy” layouts no less so it makes using the journal a little bit more fun to use. I love the articles and how-tos especially within the Business Journal to give me a bit of an idea since I am no subject matter expert on this yet. So what are you waiting for? Start capturing and writing down your thoughts and progress so that you can look back and see how far you’ve come and how you can better your routine/idea.


Dailygreatness Training Journal RRP $39.95
Dailygreatness Business Planner RRP $44.95

For more information check the Dailygreatness website here


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