As you all know, I am not a fan of cats. I am a 100% dog person through and through. So when the Shupette collection launched I was torn between my love for Karl Lagerfeld and my hatred for cats.

In the end, KL wins; how can one resist?

shupette pampearl me

Today I will be reviewing the Pampearl-Me face powder that is made in Japan with love (how cute they actually said that in the packaging) and has a really cute packaging finish. Putting my hatred for cats aside, I can imagine girls swooning over the kitty paw print, pink packaging and dominate Shupette (Choupette) presence.

The face powder comes with a mesh to keep things tidy and a puff for application. Personally I much prefer using a powder brush so I have kept the puff for touch ups only.


Texture wise, the powder is super fine, in fact it falls under the category of being so fine that I don’t think any other powder can go anymore finer than this. In terms of application I tip some of the powder onto the lid, run a fluffy powder brush over the lid, tap off excess and buff all over face for a flawless skin, silky soft finish. Remember to always run the brush from center of the face outward.


This powder is advertised as a colourless shimmer powder with gentle pink and gold sparkles. I do still feel like if application isn’t done right, one can end up with patches of powder, so buffing it is the way to go for the subtle glow finish.

Best way to use the Pampearl-Me face powder is to use a light layer all over face post foundation step or concealer step for a lighter coverage or use heavy handed on cheekbones to double as a highlighter.

Available in Shu Uemura counters exclusively in David Jones counters now



It is the time of the year where the nation takes a break from work to play catch up with family stuff, reunion and celebrate Christmas for the next couple of weeks. In my opinion, it is also the perfect timing to get a little “something something” done to hit the new year looking radiant and refreshed.

restylane filler

Be it chemical peel (Jan Marini), laser treatment, botox/dysport or fillers; this is the perfect time to do it to bank in on recovery time during the break. As you all know, I am a big fan of Erase clinic because they are reliable, hygienic, trustworthy and most importantly professional and understands my needs.


You can read my review about Dysport (for muscle relaxant), IPL (for spots and dots), Clear & Brilliant (for scarring, uneven skin tone, pores) and Fillers (facial enhancement).


I am a firm believer of enhancing myself with injectables and treatments without looking frozen, prematurely aged or too plastic looking; and Erase Clinic at Malvern is able to deliver that without “overdoing” it for me. So if you are interested in getting anything done, I highly recommend them if you are looking to get work done.

For more information about Erase clinic at Malvern:

Website | Facebook |  (03) 9576 2177

Additional info on some of the fillers I’ve had recently:

1 ml of Restylane (w/ Lidocaine) $605
1 ml of Sub Q (w/ Lidocaine) $1200



Clinique Chubby Stick Family is growing!


When Chubby Stick was born back in 2011, we all fell in love with it instantly because it was a game changer. Then along came Chubby Stick Intense (a more intense version of the original version) and then this year we say Chubby Stick Baby Tint, a moisturising balm to the lips that brings out a sheer colour finish when contact with lips’ natural tone.


Apart from the lips department, there’s also the Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm and the Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes. They are all mistake proof, easy to use and best of all because they are all in stick form, you can bring these with you when you travel and on board without any stress of liquid content. How cool is that? Now we just need a matching Chubby Stick foundation and maybe bronzer/highligher and we’re set!

Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm RRP AUD$42
Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes RRP AUD$35
Chubby Stick Baby Tint RRP AUD$35

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A month ago, I came across a blog review of the latest Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss Colour & Shine Lipgloss in One Click (phew! What a mouthful!). In the very same review, this was dubbed better than YSL Glossy Stain so I knew I had to give it a go since I am a big fan of YSL Glossy Stain (Hello! #15 was my signature colour!)

Comes in 8 shades, I chose #16 Extase as this shade stood out from the bunch to me almost immediately.


 #16 Extase is a rosey pink shade that is more rosey than pink which is what I like because pinks often have blue tones in it that makes it too cold and make colours stands out against my skin tone for all the wrong reasons. Extase is easy to wear I’ll say the coverage is medium sheer so if you wish to amp it up do make sure to either fill your lips with lip liner/lipstick prior to applying a layer of this. Otherwise, it is good on its own too.

ponikuta chanel

This picture is taken with one layer of Chanel Rouge Allure Colour and Shine Lip Gloss #16 Extase.


Packaging wise, this sleek and modern design yet maintains Chanel’s classic, minimalistic finish is what I love about Chanel. Ever evolving their timeless classic with discreet yet very clever and not to forget luxe touch. One click at the gold base (Chanel Logo) and the tube comes out of the tube.


Texture wise, this is quite wet (rich but not sticky) and slippery with a high shine finish; something I am not entirely use to. Having said that though, the colour AND shine do last quite well on my lips throughout the day with minimal touching up effort (unless I’ve just had a meal) even though I’ve been sipping tea/drinks all day long at work. The gloss also leaves my lips well moisturised with no signed of dehydration whatsoever all day long. Suffice to say this gloss is quickly growing on me.


The applicator is double sided and has this tip that allows for precise definition.

To be entirely honest, I’ve been waiting for Chanel to pick up their game to release the gloss/lipstick hybrid already. I’d say this definitely leans more towards a lip gloss than lip stick and I would much prefer for the lacquer to be slightly more intense and less  opaque than what Extase delivered. Perhaps this is just the case for this particular shade?

RRP AUD$43.28 (approximately) 
You can purchase via Nordstrom here


Dior Vernis #206 Pied-de-Poule


From the Dior Fall 2014 make up collection, I have previously blogged about how much I love Rose Tutu and today I’ve found another favourite from the collection the #206 Pied-De-Poule.


The taupe shade is THE perfect taupe that brightens my fingers and the taupe doesn’t ages my skin as most nude shades would. Don’t think I have found another taupe shade quite like this. I could get away with one thin coat or double it up for a deeper taupe shade finish.

The swatch above is one thin coat with 5 days wear, it stayed on my nails pretty well huh with no chips despite not using a top coat.

Available in Dior counters now until sold out 


No Plain Jayne Beauty Retreat

When it comes to facials, it really boils down to the beautician, the atmosphere and the products involved. Gone are the days where I’d opt for facials salons that uses basic “feel good” skincare products as we as consumers are more results driven and crave for that instant gratification when results are visible.

no plain jayne

Recently, I came across No Plain Jayne Beauty Retreat on Russell St, Melbourne CBD and met Jayne who not only have exceptional taste in décor but she is also incredibly knowledgeable in skin care and picks only the best result driven ones for her client namely Priori skincare products. To be entirely honest, I haven’t tried many Priori products apart from memory perhaps an eye cream and the eye serum a while back hence this was a good opportunity for me to revisit the brand too.

no plain jayne beauty retreat

Jayne believes in thorough and in depth skin consultation that goes beyond filling a few pages of form to really understand each individuals skincare needs for a proper skincare recommendation and to address any skincare concerns.

no plain jayne beauty treatment

After filling in my customer information form along with some basic skincare questions; I was ushered to a table and served with this amazing concoction mixed ginger tea served from a vintage tea set.

We had a good 15 minutes chat about my skincare routine, how my skin was behaving (not great by the way – a combination of hormones, stress and constantly trialling new skincare products) and what are some of the things I should keep an eye out for to avoid/stop doing even for a veteran beauty blogger like myself. Like there always say, sometimes it takes someone out to point out the obvious hey.

no plain jayne review

We then decided that my skin needed the Yoga Treatment Indulge (RRP AUD$159 for 60 minutes). Basically it is a facial that incorporates coffeeberry enzyme peel and detoxifying massage of the face, head and neck. I also opted for a heavenly scalp massage that comes with the facial. It was a choice between scalp, hand or arm and it was a no brainer for me to go for the scalp. Always appreciate a great scalp massage.

What I really like about No Plain Jayne is that when we decided what treatment I will be receiving, I was told exactly what is going to happen and what products will be used for this treatment during my consultation as oppose to the beautician telling me when the facial is being carried out. I like going into a facial knowing exactly what to expect and can 100% relax during treatment rather than asking questions about products/ingredients whilst I am trying to relax and fully appreciate the treatments.

Post facial, my skin was glowing and Jayne applied some Priori Perfecting Mineral Foundation in Shade #1 (RRP AUD$70) to my skin which left me walking out of the beauty retreat with my skin but 10000% healthy, glowy and flawless looking. Said foundation is also now my daily foundation which I am currently obsessed with.

When le garçon came to pick me up from the retreat he commented how flawless my skin looked post facial too, I loved the results so much I went home and took a series of selfies which can be found in this post here.


I was also sent home with some Priori products to trial and out of the lot here are my thoughts on the products. My favourite is no doubt the mineral foundation, it is currently my HG foundation perfect for the warmer months for oily skin like mine. I also took Jayne’s advice to keep some consistency with my skincare routine and incorporated the Skin Renewal Cream (RRP AUD$120) + Barrier Repair Complex (RRP AUD$120) to my day and night routine. So far my skin is loving it and strangely enough all the angry breakouts, spots and dots have literally ceased over night.


I haven’t changed my lifestyle or diet apart from these two products so I am calling them the hero duo for balancing out my skin issues. Both products are from Priori’s Advanced AHA and they work to improve skin moisturisation and exfoliate skin to help balance and “normalised” skin for a more youthful and healthy finish.


The combination of LCA complex (pH balanced Lactic Acid and essential skin vitamin antioxidants A, C, E and Pro-Vitamin A) in a time released liposome complex helps to provide constant hydration and multi-layer skin renewal to help prevent ageing skin too. Advanced AHA range is designed for those with acne, skin normalisation, moisturisation and fine lines concern.

So my everyday routine goes something like this now – Cleanse (double cleanse at night) > treatment essence > eye cream > Priori Skin Renewal Cream (pH3.8) > Priori Barrier Repair Complex (pH3.8) > sunscreen (during day).

I am a total convert and will totally repurchase when I run out of the products. All products can also be purchased at No Plain Jayne Beauty Retreat. I highly recommend to even drop by for a skin consultation by Jayne as she knows what’s best for each individual skincare needs.

For more information about No Plain Jayne Beauty Retreat:

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Review: My Journey with Invisalign Part 2

Hello, I am back with an update on my Invisalign treatment. At the time of writing this post, I am up to 20th aligner (I have a total of 29 aligners to complete) . I can’t believe time has flown past so quickly and I have approximately 9 weeks to go with my treatment. How exciting!


Doing Acceledent  one evening during my trip in Japan

Thanks to Acceledent*, my treatment plan is fast tracked by 50%. So instead of replacing aligners every fortnight, I move on to the next aligner weekly. All I had to do is insert and bite down the Acceledent device into my mouth every night for 20 minutes.

Now that I have experienced Invisalign for a good 5 months or so, I have also picked up some handy tips to make my teeth straightening journey more enjoyable and here is my personal updates detailing my personal experience so far.

invisalign cost

Love how the aligners are almost invisible and how natural it is incorporated into my daily life.

1) With aligners on 22 hours of the day it also cancels out all the bad habits associated with biting like biting my lips, biting my nails or biting my hang nail. None of these can be done when my aligners are on.

2) Also,, it is 100% no no to drink anything except for water. I do however sneak in some weak, lukewarm green tea as I am partial to my tea.

3) When it comes to changing my aligners to the next set, I do so at night rather than in the morning, this allows the teeth a chance to settle into their new position while I sleep and the aligners are easier to remove in the morning.


My teeth cleaning kit that I carry with me. 

4) I have mastered the art of flossing, teeth brushing and reapplication of lippie all less than five minutes. Now that I have the habit of brushing my teeth after every meal, I don’t think I can ever go back to not brushing my teeth after each meal.

5) During my recent trip to Japan, I found out that it is common for Japanese to brush their teeth after every meal so toilets in malls and restaurants are usually catered to those needs. In a way, it made brushing my teeth in public toilet totally normal and I blended right in. In fact, one of the Michelin star restaurants I went to in Omotesando in Japan came with floss and one-use mouth wash in the toilet, complete with individual basin in each toilet stall. Crazy huh?

invisalign tips

The convenience of enjoying a meal and being able to eat whatever I like is what I love most about my teeth straightening journey with Invisalign. Here I am doing what I do best, having a crab feast in Hokkaido, Japan. 

6) If time absolutely does not permit, or for whatever reason I can’t get to a nearby toilet to brush my teeth after a meal; always carry sugar-free gum to chew in place of brushing teeth. I do this rarely and only when I absolutely need it as end of the day, flossing and gum health is key to healthy teeth.

7) I have to admit, some aligners actually hurt more than the others. The discomfort however to me is interpreted as movement, meaning my teeth will get straighter by the end of the week. Holding onto this thought was very comforting and made the discomfort worthwhile. Out of the 20 trays, I probably had 4-5 aligners that were a little more painful than the others. Thinking back 5 out of 20 is a pretty good deal, don’t you think?


8) The hardest part of my treatment is actually not the aligners but the elastic bands that I had to hook onto my aligners. The elastic bands are fiddly and definitely require application in front of a mirror unlike the aligners where I could snap them back in without the use of a mirror.  Due to the nature of my bite, I needed elastic bands (common for those who wear braces as well) to help correct my bite hence it was incorporated into my treatment plan. Sometimes these bands pull so strongly; it snaps my aligner out of my teeth if I didn’t snap them in place hard enough.

9) Stock up on tooth paste, mouth wash and floss from Costco. I also find Macclean tooth paste to be pretty awesome as it is packed with a minty punch to keep breath fresher and longer.


Caredent helps to gaps between my teeth and keep my gums healthy.

10) Gum health is equally as important with teeth care. I have experimented with Picksters and Caredent InterBrush and personally I much prefer Caredent as they comes in this sphere shape that makes cleansing of the gums more efficient and reaches to both bigger and smaller gaps rather than just one sized Picksters. It is also more cost effective with Caredent.

11) In terms of food consumption, I could eat everything and anything I could put into my mouth. I am so glad I chose Invisalign over braces as Invisalign gives me the freedom to feast without worrying food stuck in my braces etc.

Now that you have read all about my Invisalign updates, here are some before and after pictures to show you where I’m at. I am in love with the results already and my teeth are already so much straighter in such a short amount of time with minimal fuss too.Invisalign results

Effective and efficient results, tadaa! Picture on the top is Week 1 of aligner and picture on the bottom is Week 19. Massive difference to me already! 

Can you see how much straighter my bottom row of teeth are? Also they aren’t as crowded and pushed against each other any more, amazing huh?

For more information: or visit Invisalign Facebook

*AcceleDent is a FDA-cleared, Class II medical device designed for faster orthodontic treatment. Through the use of gentle micropulses, called SoftPulse Technology®, bone remodelling is accelerated, allowing teeth to move up to 50% faster.

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted this Invisalign® treatment for review but this did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product, results or experience. AcceleDent was purchased from my own funds.


The Wet Brush Selfie Brush


First there was Selfie Stick and now say hi to the Selfie Brush!


Looks like a normal hair brush doesnt it? The Selfie Brush also doubles as a phone protector and you can totally still text and make phone calls when phone is installed. So apart from detangling hair and ensuring perfect hair for every single selfie shot, this brush also offers the extended length for a fuller body shot.



Just a note, this is only compatible for iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s for now. There’s also a small little mirror on the side to check your makeup, handy huh?


All I needed to do is slide my phone into the slot on top of the brush effortlessly and ta daa! Just in case you are wondering, they also come in pink and black colour.

selfie stick selfie from selfie brush wet brush

Here are some shots taken with the selfie brush. Love it! It might look a little silly using it but truth to be told, I think it is not as silly as a selfie stick though. All in all, I think this makes the perfect under $20 Kris Kringle gift this Christmas!

RRP AUD$19.95 
Available from i-glamour


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