Twelve years of blogging

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Today marks my 12th year of blogging. It feels like a century since I’ve first started blogging back in 2004.

As I sit here on my dining table typing away in my macbook writing this post, I feel nostalgic as this very blog started back in 2004 in my other apartment dining table and registered and published on a laptop too. It is funny how everything has come back in a full circle and here I am still typing away thinking of what I should share in this blog post.

Since 2004, this blog has seen me through 5 jobs, a marriage, a divorce, two dogs, probably gone through thousands of beauty products and hundreds of beauty treatments.

Today, I thought I should share some lessons I’ve learnt throughout the years of beauty blogging.

  • Have an open mind – no matter how much you know about the beauty field, always have an open mind. Be willing to trial new things because this was the only way it allowed me to try brands I’ve never heard of before and fell absolutely in love with.
  • Learn to let go – Old makeup / beauty products, who hordes them? Put your paws up! I too am guilty as charged with these and I made it to a point to always clean out/throw out products that are expiring and finishing up skincare products that I didn’t love on my body instead of throwing it away so nothing goes to waste.
  • Be creative – Don’t ever let your imagination limits you. Don’t let what magazines, beauty editors, youtubers to tell you what to do. Allow them to inspire you but the whole process/fun part of beauty is to experiment things your way in your own terms because no one knows you better than YOU. Play with the way you use make up and don’t let RULES define what can be done and what’s not.
  • Stay away from all things tattoo on your face – No matter how much people tell you, or how desperate of a trend you want to joint badly. Nothing GOOD ever comes out of bringing a tattoo needle near your face, EVER. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t regret doing so. Don’t do it, brows, lids, lips, whatever it is, just say no.
  • Less is more – I used to be that girl who carries 4-5 lip products in her handbag at any given time. I used to have 15-20 makeup steps on a daily basis for over a decade. I used to never leave home without liquid eyeliner, mascara, curling my lashes, blush, concealer, foundation, powder, lipstick and the list goes on. I am not sure if this comes with age, or I’ve learnt to embrace my face as it is, my make up steps these days probably only consist of 5 products at best. Crazy how time and my make up evolution has changed.

With that, I’m going to leave you and gorge on a donut or two. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for your loyalty in reading this blog (all 10 of you left!).


V x


hismile teeth whitening kit

Few weeks ago, I got sent the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit and their newly launched HiSmile Coconut Whitening Mouthwash.

teeth whitening kit

With so many teeth whitening kit out there, how do you differentiate one from the other you ask? Well, it’s simple, HiSmile doesn’t contain any peroxide so it is guaranteed no teeth sensitivity/pain and they are not tested on animals plus it is vegan friendly. Definitely a first in Australia!

Each kit comes with LED light, gels, mouth tray and instruction manual.

hismile before and after

There’s also a results chart for you to track your befores and afters.

hismile review

The LED light runs for 10 minutes and switches off automatically so you know when it’s finish. The process is pretty simple, brush & floss teeth, apply 1/4 syringe of whitening gel to the mouth tray and pop in the LED light to run its course. Rinse and you’re done.

I usually do it end of the day and pop on a facial mask prior to popping in the LED light for a double whammy beauty treatment.

hismile whitening mouthwash

The mouthwash that comes with the kit was definitely very unique to me. It comes in the form of a squeeze tube. Yup, the mouthwash didn’t come in liquid form! Each tube comes in 30ml and each tube are for 3 uses, you will squeeze approximately 1/3 per tube into mouth for each use.

hismile teeth whitening

I was really surprised with it and after reading through the instructions I was keen to try it out. The high coconut oil content is what helps to solidify the mouthwash, making it ideal for travelling minus the stress for spills etc.

Having said that, I did find the coconut oil taste a little OTT for me and didn’t like the oily feeling in my mouth as a mouthwash. I guess the concept of solidified textured gel squirt into my mouth and for it to melt/gaggle and swirl around my mouth was a very foreign concept and I found it hard to get use to.

Before and after

After a mere 12 days, my teeth went 4-5 shades lighter and the picture you see above is 100% unfiltered and taken in the same natural lighting.

Overall, I am really happy with my experience of the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit and highly recommend it for those who are looking for at home solution for teeth whitening minus any pain or sensitivity.


La Roche Posay Serozinc

la roche posay serozinc

La Roche-Posay is famous for their French made skincare products that are great for all skin types especially sensitive skin types thanks to its preservative free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic formulated skincare products.

Serozinc is one of their international cult product that combines ingredients like zinc sulphate, sodium chloride and spring water to provide hydration and cleanses skin whilst actively works to reduce excess oil, mattify skin for a shine free finish. Serozinc is designed to complement their existing Effaclar skincare range (for acne prone/oily skin type).


I’ve always loved the concept of facial sprays, however they are mostly targeted for dehydrated / dry skin types. Finding one that is meant for combination to oily skin is refreshing . This spray did leaves my lips a little salty taste when I spritz this all over my face, however, it is great for those who has pore issues and acne prone skin to apply prior (on cleansed skin before skincare) and after makeup to help extend makeup wear.

RRP AUD$23.95
Available in counters now 


Listening to: Do You Go Up by Khai

Recently came across this song while I was in my friend’s car. This came up as his recommended song by Spotify and the vibes of this song stuck a chord in me.

Subsequently, this went into my playlist and was on high rotation/repeat for a long period of time. I can’t quite get this song out of my head at the moment, try it but first warning of chill music that you’ll be addicted to ensues.


What’s in my gym bag?

Somedays I wish I am a guy because generally speaking, guy requires less products and efforts to get ready. Lucky for me, my gym is within walking distance, like literally less than 2 minutes to get there door to door.

Hence, I can get away with packing minimal items with me to go to the gym. I don’t need to bring anything to change, eat, shower, etc.

nike 2.0 gym bag

The gym bag I use is just their standard Nike 2.0 Medium Duffle Gym Bag that I’ve forgotten where I’ve purchased this from. I think it was either from Rebel Sports or The Iconic.

whats in my gym bag

Here are the list of things I’d usually bring with me to the gym.

  • water bottle
  • deodorant – I prefer spray over roll ons
  • gym towel – I love getting mine from H&M, they are cheap and looks good.
  • gloves – I have two pairs for different types of exercises.
  • wireless earphones – so important!!
  • a small toiletry bag that houses some hair pin, hair tie, tampons, panty liners
  • notebook + pen – to track all my workout routine + weight lifting progress
  • hand sanitiser – a must!
  • face mist
  • resistant band

These are my bare essentials and to be honest I rarely dig into my toiletry bag as there’s no need for it. I mostly hit the gym and use everything else in my bag but the toiletry bag as it is more of an emergency pack for times in need.

So what’s in your gym bag? I’m curious to know.



Dior Poison girl

Say hello to the latest perfume addition to Dior; the Dior Poison girl.

dior poison girl review

Designed for the younger target audiences, Poison girl still encapsulates the complexity of bitter and sweet floral notes that is similar that of the iconic Poison perfume. This can be said the same for the classic Poison bottle shape.

dior poison girl perfume

Poison girl has notes like Sicilian bitter orange, roses (May, Grasse, Damascus), Venezuelan tonka beans, Sri Lankan sandalwood, almond, vanilla and so on.

If you like powdery perfume, this is definitely one for you as the powdery notes are quite dominant on this perfume. The blend of bitter and sweetness in this perfume is quite complex and is almost as if the notes are rebelling against each other. Definitely a unique blend for the unique individual who seeks individuality.


RRP AUD$99 (30ml)
RRP AUD$165 (50ml)
RRP AUD$240 (100ml) 



Listening to: Animal Ambition by 50 Cent

One of those late night tunes to grind to. Enjoy! x


SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence & Deep Surge EX

From memory, SK-II Cellumination launched in Australia back in 2011 in. At that time, I tested the Cellumination mask-in lotion and quite liked it. Fast forward to 2016, there is now Cellumination Aura Essence which is a serum and Cellumination Deep Surge EX – a moisturiser added to the range.

As you all know by now, SK-II is a skincare brand I highly recommend and have been actively using this brand for the past 13 years. In fact, this is the only brand I would openly say that I have dedicated more than a decade’s worth of loyalty to.

Having tried most if not all of SK-II products (except for the anti-ageing range), I can comfortably say that there are SK-II products that DO work and DON’T work for me. Another thing to bear in mind is that, what works for me might not work for you either.

SK-II’s Cellumination range is designed to add radiance to skin by eliminating dullness. It is of course best used together lotion, serum and moisturiser. This review will be based off my experience of the serum – Cellumination Aura Essence (RRP AUD$245 for 30ml) and moisturiser – Cellumination Deep Surge EX (RRP AUD$200 – 50g). Lotion wise, I’ve still been using my trusty good ol’ facial treatment essence.

SKII Cellumination

I use both step serum and moisturiser day and night on thoroughly cleansed skin and ensure to massage product all over face and neck area. Surprisingly, the serum step absorbs into skin very quickly and both products doesn’t have the usual SK-II pitera essence scent. The moisturiser can tend to be on a little heavier side on my combination skin especially during day time application. Hence, I’d go with a pea size for application as recommended during the day and opt for a heavier application at night.

My skin survived the change of weather from Summer to Autumn with no signs of dehydration or dryness on skin whilst I am on both products. Hydration wise, they definitely ticked all the right boxes. Brightening and radiance wise, I didn’t see a vast improvement with brightening (perhaps I have just finished a brightening treatment course so my skin is unable to go any brighter than it possibly can) but I do find a more glowy skin finish texture over time.

Overall, my skin appears to be more even tone and both products whilst it is priced a little higher than most skincare price, it is really good value for money as you only need very little for each application and both products should last you at least a couple months of daily application.

Both products are now available on SK-II counters 



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