bliss High Intensity Hand Cream


Like lip balms, one can never have too many hand creams in their lives. My latest new found favourite is the bliss high intensity hand cream that is filled with macadamia oil and grapeseed extract goodness.

The formula is rich and thick resulting in super hydrated hands and it even doubles as a hand softener to keep skin instantly softer upon first application. Upon first contact, this hand cream is very creamy but once massaged onto hand, it becomes non greasy and absorbs into skin immediately, leaving skin silky smooth.

Due to it’s thickness, this hand cream is good enough for both hands and heels, especially great for dry, cracked skin, dry cuticles and skin roughness. Scent wise, this hand cream is citrusy with a dominant grapefruit scent.

Best of all, this hand cream is also so affordable making it great to stock up and have multiple tubes to pop one at home, one at work and one by the bedside table.

RRP AUD$8.95 (75ml) 
Available to purchase online here 


An introduction to Nip + Fab

Nip + Fab is a skincare brand that is huge in the USA with heaps of celebrity endorsements and celebrities grammin’ it up as their skincare of choice. So when they launched in Australia late last year, I was keen to trial some of their products. Today, I will be reviewing the Glycolic range which is perfect to address skin concerns like uneven, dullness, impurities, prone to clogged pores and minor breakouts.

Personally, I love glycolic skincare as they are the best way to prevent any clogged pores, breakouts and acne that I would usually get if I don’t incorporate some form of glycolic into my skincare regime. Now, you too can include glycolic to your skincare in a more cost effective way.

nip + fab

I got a cleanser, a scrub, exfoliating pads and an eye cream from the Nip + Fab glycolic range and today I will be addressing the ones that ticked my boxes and that I enjoy using. So let’s get started shall we?

First of, I am in love with the Glycolic Fix Cleanser (RRP AUD$17.95), you only ever need a tiny dollop of this to get activate the glycolic acid and apple amino acid to help retexture, resurface and soften skin without feeling dried out or stripped out of moisturiser from this cleanser thanks to the olive oil ingredient in the cleanser.  I find that I could really feel a difference to my skin with less impurities and keeping my skin clearer and more radiant day over day.

The Glycolic Fix Cleanser didn’t made my skin feel tingly (my skin usually have pretty good tolerance with glycolic products) or made it red or sensitive either. Keeping in mind, I only use this at night as my double cleansing step (gel-like texture), applied on damp skin and massaged thoroughly.

Next up, is the Glycolic Scrub Fix (RRP AUD$21.95) which I equally enjoy. I use this once – twice a week max for a deep exfoliation and with a 3% glycolic acid and salicylic acid in it, this is like an insurance policy for my skin to ensure a brighter and fresher skin finish.

Texture wise, this feels like any other scrub to me except for it’s fruity scent that helps to re-energise my senses.

Last but not least, my other favourite pick from the lot is the Glycolic Fix Pad Exfoliating Facial Pad (RRP AUD$29.95). Similar to the Dr Dennis Gross peels pad, this is the glycolic version at a much affordable price.

It comes with 60 pads (2.8% glycolic acid) and can be used up to twice a day which I don’t. Due to the amount of glycolic products (and other new products) I am currently using/testing, I usually rotate between the scrub and this to balance things out without over exfoliating. I use this once a day perhaps 2-4 times a week right after double cleansing my skin at the end of the day. The pad is sufficient to wipe all over face, neck and the decollete area.

Again it doesn’t make my skin go red or react badly, which is great. It is also quite moisturising without leaving my fingers all prune like.

As with all things acid/peel, be sure to avoid using should you have super sensitive skin, peeling or irritated skin. All products should be tested first prior to using and stop immediately should your skin reacts adversely to it. Also, sunscreen is a must during daytime when incorporating glycolic acid to your skincare but you know that already. :)

Nip + Fab is available in Target Australia and online here 



In shower body conditioner/moisturiser might be a new concept for many but little did many people know that Lush actually have been secretly dishing up the popular Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner for years. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner has been a steady favourite of mine for years with its beautifully scented rose jam scent that moisturisers and nourish the skin all in one go.

So when Lush recently launched the African Paradise Body Conditioner (RRP AUD$37.50 for 225g), I knew I had to give it a go. This in-shower body conditioner is also great for Summer time when the last thing we want to do after a shower is to slather on any form of body moisturiser lest we get icky sticky limbs all over. Lush’s body conditioners help combat that by moisturising skin in shower and rinse off before stepping out of shower altogether so you’ll be rewarded with silky smooth skin minus the inconvenience of rubbing moisturiser all over body and waiting for it to dry.

African Paradise as its name suggest uses ingredients from Slush Funded projects in Africa like shea butter, moringa oil, aloe vera, ylang ylang, baobab oil, marula oil and so on. Scent wise, African Paradise smells a little more “essential oil-ish” as compare to Ro’s Argan’s “rosey, flowery” scent. Whilst the pricing is a little expensive side but I truly believe you’ll get quite a bit out of it as long as you apply the right amount and minimize wastage. It comes in a tub formula so it is very easy to just scoop a chuck out and slater all over, I know it is tempting but please refrain from doing so and your tub will last a long way.


On a side note, I have also recently discovered D’fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap (RRP AUD$9.95 for 70g) and am loving this marshmallow textured shaving cream. It prevents my skin from drying out post shave and provides the silkiest platform to shave and it’s pink, need I say more?

All products are available in Lush stores now



Last Christmas, Dior launched the Golden Shock Holiday 2014 collection. Along in the Christmas collection of amazing Diorific Vernis Holiday lineup, we welcome the new Golden Shock Colour Lip Duos. Basically it is Diorific lipsticks that comes in two-tone versions – matte and metallic. Paying the price of one lippie for two effects is just brilliant especially with such amazing contract combo – velvet matte and pearly gold shimmer.

'Diorific - Golden Shock' Lipstick

I got my paws on #002 Enchanting Shock which comes in a stunning rich lippie texture with the innovative split bullet of matte and shimmering contrast finish. Packaging wise, it comes in Dior’s iconic limited edition festive gold casing. Did I mention how much I love them and often collect them each year during Christmas?



#002 Enchanting Shock

A peach toned rosey shade that has both matte and shimmery finish.


As you can see the peach/rosey matte and shimmery difference are quite obvious.


Available in Dior counters now 






Dior Vernis in #775 Star

It is no secret that my all time favourite nail polish brand is from Dior. Their quality, consistency, applicator and colour selection always tick all the right boxes for me. Last Christmas, I was gifted this limited edition shade by Q from The B Que.


This nail polish falls under the new generation of Dior Vernis, meaning it has a gel like nail polish effect finish. The gel coat from within delivers a smooth and shiny finish. This also means your manicure will last much longer and the applicator tip is just as user-friendly.


#775 Star is a bright cherry red colour with a hint of fuschia to it. The colour has more of a cold tone to it and two thin layers is all your need for a long lasting, rich in pigment nail polish finish.

Availble in Dior counters now 


Bioeffect 30 Day Treatment

Many moons ago, I was introduced to Bioeffect as a skincare brand (from Iceland) when I first came across their Novel Prize winning EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) serum. It helps to renew skin sell to help boost amazing skin finish and pretty much every single beauty blogger who have tried this serum raved about it extensively on their blog/vlog/etc.

Needless to say, I jumped on the bandwagon and fell completely head over heels for it, except for the price tag, it’s quite pricey. Lo and behold, fast forward couple of years later, we now have the new 30 Day Treatment by Bioeffect that contains 3 times higher concentration of the EGF serum.

bioeffect 30 days treatment

The new 30 Day Treatment Intensive Anti-Ageing Serum program comes in 3 x 4ml vials and has gone through intensive biotechnology research in Iceland to deliver a potent anti-ageing boost to the skin. It is the FIRST and ONLY skincare product in the market to contain 3 different types of cellular activators – EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), KGF (Keratinocyte Growth Factor) and IL-1a (Interleukin 1a).

Basically what does all these do is to stimulate skin cell epidermis layer to increase the thickening and suppleness of skin, improve skin’s elasticity, maintain skin’s barrier, repair skin, hydrate skin and leaving it firm, radiant and youthful looking.

Texture wise the serum is quite rich so all you really need is 2-4 drops of treatment applied onto freshly cleansed skin every morning and evening for a period of 30 days.

Personally, I use about 3 drops and I work it all around the eye area too and due to its ability to leave my skin slightly oily after, I only use it as a night time treatment as a preventative measure against ageing and nothing over the top of the serum. It is commended to use this 30 Day treatment for 1-4 months a year and use the Bioeffect EGF Serum in between treatment period.

Suitable for all skin type including sensitive and mature skin type; this 30 Day Treatment is also free from paraben and fragrances.

In terms of results, I am 30 years old now and anti-ageing is definitely a key element to my skincare routine. The immediate results for me is that the suppleness of my skin, I can visibly see the different to my skin texture being more plump, radiant and fuller. Whilst I don’t have any fine lines/wrinkles but I would imagine this would benefit those who are losing in volume to their skin.

Another notable difference is that my scarring and acne spots and dots seems to heal quicker when I am using this serum. My skin never feel overtly oily during the day or dehydrated either. Whilst I agree this treatment is tipping towards the more pricey point but I would definitely recommend the 30 Day Treatment as a treat to your skin once a year. Since I am only using this every night instead of day and night, I can get more out of it and squeeze it in as a two month use instead too.

Stockists –


Best of 2014 <3

best of 2014

2014 marks my blog’s 10th year anniversary. From time to time, I still pinch myself when I think of the 10 long years I’ve spent sitting in front of my computer typing away all in the name of love for beauty.

On another note, I do know it is a matter of time that all good things shall come to an end. If you haven’t noticed the past year, I have slowed down my momentum on my blog post frequency and went from 7 posts a week (for years and years) to 5 posts a week to the now 2-3 posts a week.

I won’t say I will be closing up shop as yet but my priorities has changed and I will only post when I find time for it as opposed to my decade’s worth of scheduled dedication for the blog.

beauty blogger melbourne

As per my yearly tradition, here is my best of 2014 list. You can read 2012 here and 2013 here.


beauty blogger


kerastase discipline


beauty treatment







#sillybelle says “Merry Christmas”

merry christmas sillybelle

Merry Christmas y’all and we will be back in the new year. See you in 2015!


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