Jay Chou recently released a few songs in anticipation of his new album release. One of the early releases is Shouldn’t Be; a duet he’s done with aMei. It is an interesting sad love song that tells a story between two lovebirds that shouldn’t have gotten together.

Initially listening to this song, it didn’t do much for me but after awhile it struck a cord and now I can’t stop listening to it. Enjoy!


dyson supersonic

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is no doubt the most exciting beauty launch in a long while for me.

You see, I have long hair that touches my waist and wash them on a daily basis because I exercise a lot and have an oily scalp! Needless to say, it is imperative for me to have a good hair dryer that makes my life easier (speed in drying hair) and also doesn’t damage my hair.

dyson hairdryer

As a long-time fan of Dyson, I’ve owned their normal vacuum, cordless vacuum, fan in the past and have nothing but raved reviews for their products. Dyson generally delivers clever, revolutionary and most importantly sleek looking products that is well worth the penny for.

I am sure many of you have seen the global news press and instagram posts of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer when it launched in Japan back in April 2016.

Good news for us here in Australia is that the pre-order is now available through the Dyson website ahead of the retail release on the 9th July 2016.

Retailing at AUD$699, this hair dryer isn’t cheap and I definitely have high hopes and can’t wait to get my paws on one, so stay tune for the review to come.

Who’s in?


Please note: 

Due to unprecedented international demand, the Australian retail release of the Dyson Supersonic™ will be phased as follows:

  • Saturday, 9th July from 12pm, midday: Exclusively sold in Myer, Melbourne City and David Jones, Elizabeth Street, Sydney.
  • From Sunday, 10th July: Widely available from other selected Myer and David Jones stores, nationwide and online.


When I first started weight lifting and taking the whole gym routine seriously, I was skeptical about taking supplements and protein shakes when it was recommended to me.

I’ve heard and witness how protein shakes can be bad for the skin, etc. However, protein shake is the most fundamental building block for muscle mass building and muscle recovery especially for those who weight lift and cardio quite intensely. Little did I know that the reason why it might have caused bad skin for some is the high dairy content and when taken in conjunction with things like BCAA, preworkout and other types of supplements could potential lead to indigestion and bad skin.

raw whey protein isolate

As I have a sensitive stomach being lactose intolerant and all, I automatically ruled out a lot of options in the market. I was introduced to this brand – RAW by Muscle Coach approximately one year ago and have not looked back since. I have tried their strawberry, banana lolly and chocolate flavour and by far chocolate is my favourite. It doesn’t taste like most of the other chocolate protein shake I’ve tasted, it just goes down really well.

I mix mine with water, shake and down it as I can’t have normal milk. However if you prefer it with milk, go for it!  I’ve made smoothies (with oat/almond milk), oat breakkie, waffles, pancakes with it without any issues.

I have also recommended RAW WPI to all my friends and I have yet to find one person who doesn’t like it.

raw by muscle coach

Why I love it: 

  • It’s lactose free and gluten free. Super important to find a formula that doesn’t upset my tummy.
  • Cold pressed & ultra filtered, meaning it doesn’t have those nasties that could mess with your belly.
  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) formula ONLY without any of those added stuff in it like most protein power do like caffeine, BCAA, etc making it unsuitable to take before bed and the actual protein % is way lower when other stuff are added to it.
  • WPI formula is also great because it provides slow releasing protein to the body so it helps to keep metabolism going even when I go to sleep, usually I’ll drink one when I wake up in the morning (by either incorporating in my smoothies or breakfast bowl), one straight after workout and one right before bed to help with muscle recovery too.
  • Not to mention it has one of the highest concentration of protein % around as it doesn’t have any added fillers/nasties to it.
  • Made in Australia and adheres to the local standards of quality products.
  • You can also go into their stores Muscle Coach to test before you buy. They do mini protein shots for customers to trial.

Most importantly do your research, find out protein per gram of protein powder you are taking. If you are in the market of looking for protein powder, I’d highly recommend RAW by Muscle Coach and again no, I’m not being paid of affiliate to the brand/product to write this post. I am writing this purely because there are too many crappy products out there in the market that confuses people with unnecessary fillers in it.

raw whey protein isolate

I will probably write a separate post as to why one should take protein shake soon. So stay tune for it.


When you have well and truly tried all types of acne skincare there is in market in hope to combat your pre existing acne problems throughout your teens and 20s and is now in your 30s, there will come a time where you will eventually give up on these so called “acne fighting” products.

Whilst most do help to “treat” acne by helping to bring it onto the surface, heal quicker and assist with scarring and fading of pigmentation but not many can actually stop it from happening altogether until I came across this one article recently about this other girl who was just as frustrated as I was.

For years, I have given up hope for clear skin and have put it off by blaming hormones, reactive skin and that my skin is slow in resurfacing hence the congestions.

adult acne cure

Anyway, long story short, I found out the remedy that you’ve probably came across online multiple times but never given it much thought. The answer to keep 90% of my usual acne at bay is apple cider vinegar! Whilst I am not making any promises that this might be able to cure your acne issues but what I’m saying is that it’s worth a try!

skii clear skin cotton

What I did was simply mix one part apple cider vinegar and one part water in a bottle and pour over my SK-II Clear Skin Cotton Pads and wipe all over cleansed face and neck at night before bed. Once dried, I’ll follow with my usual serum and moisturiser step.

It works wonder in keeping my skin clear and most importantly prevents acne from growing!

Some things to consider though: 

  • It was recommended to apply onto skin day and night but due to the apple cider vinegar scent can be quite overpowering, I limit to only weeknights applications when I sleep alone. Otherwise, you’ll pretty much smell like a walking apple cider vinegar bottle.
  • It did leave my skin a slight tingling feeling some days, similar to that if you were to apply skincare products that contain glycolic acid. They usually last approx 20 seconds or so and disappears.
  • Do not apply onto broken skin, open wound etc, as they’d sting!
  • I heard it helps with eczema too, probably be good  give it a try if you have this issue.

Best of all, apple cider vinegar usually cost close to nothing and is widely available everywhere. I got mine just from the aisle of my local groceries store and it isn’t organic or anything either. You can take it everyday on its own, add to your salad, cook with your food, there’s so much use to it too.

Good luck and I sincerely hope this post will help with your acne concerns like it did to mine. Definitely highly recommend this especially since it cost close to nothing to attempt.


Pureology Smooth Perfection Haircare System

pureology smooth frizz

I have long hair, like literally hair that touches my waist, legit.

They’ve gone through quite a bit of abuse over the years though – daily blowdry, multiple colouring, multiple bleaching, multiple digital perming, multiple toning, you name it, I’ve done it over the years.

As a result, it is unavoidable that the bottom bits of my hair tend to be drier and prone to breakage. Whilst I do trim them every now and again I am not willing to chop of half of the length just yet.

Hence I’m always on the lookout for good quality hair care that smooths my easily tangled and severely damaged strands.

I’ve previously blogged about Pureology and I think I may have just stumbled upon the best hair care products in a long while. The Smooth Perfection collection is perfect for those who want their hair to be more manageable.

Filled with hair loving ingredients like Xylose Sugar, Vitamin E, Camellia oil, I have experienced nothing but smooth and manageable stands.

Think less frizz, less kinks and more importantly this system worked on my fine yet coarse (ends!) hair.

I particularly love how the shampoo formula is concentrated hence a tiny 10 cent piece amount is sufficient to lather up for my whole head of hair and both the shampoo and conditioner leaves a faint sweet scent that isn’t overpowering either.

RRP AUD$36.95 (250ml each)
Available in selected salons now 





This song is a classic from Jay Chow back in the early 2000s. I loved the song then and I love it now when it was sang by this 19 year old girl in China’s The Voice 2015.

I find it really soothing and her voice is very sweet.

What do you think of it?


My go-to supplements Part 1 – ATP Science

Since I’ve started taking my fitness seriously back in 14/15, I started documenting my weight loss progress, lifestyle change and other fitness related tidbits.

As we all know, when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle and wanting to achieve a goal (whether it is related to weight loss, toning up or muscle mass building), it goes hand in hand with a clean diet and taking the right supplement.

We now live in a world taking in not only an incredible amount of environmental and work related stress on a daily basis but we are also exposed to more and more junk food options marketed to us as a “healthy snack”. I can go on and on with this topic for this entire post but I am saving that for another post.

Today, I am sharing with you what my preferred supplements – ATP Science. A while back, I was introduced to The ATP Project podcast when I was looking for alternatives to YouTube videos to watch whilst doing cardio. The podcast taps into hormones and diet with science applied to it in layman terms.

Beyond that they covers an array of hot topics around macros, exercises, sleep issues, transdermal delivery system, IIFYM, infertility, insulin resistance, PCOS and so on. Whilst on these podcast, I also got to learn so much more around fitness beyond just day to day exercise and macros/food choices.

atp science supplement

I am now writing this post because I’ve gone through a bottle of Alpha Venus (to help balance female hormones and assist with weight loss) and Cort RX which is my absolute favourite to help with stress, inflammatory and sleep issues. Anyone who knows me in person knows that I’ve been battling with a bad case of sleeplessness and insomnia for most of 2013-2015.

On average, I was functioning on 4-6 hours of sleep per day for months on end. It was taking a toll with my skin, body as well as stunning my progress of muscle growth. But since I’ve started Alpha Venus & Cort RX, I sleep an average of 8-10 hours on a regular basis and have no issues falling asleep as soon as I hit the sack. Nothing has changed, not my routine, diet, exercise and yet this remarkable result was what convinced me that they do really work.

Currently, I am taking Alpha Prime (which helps with muscle growth) & my trusty Cort RX.

As each individual are different, I am not going to insist on which supplement you should be taking and it is indeed slightly confusing by reading their product pages on its own. (They have also recently relaunched their product packaging hence they look different on their website.) My best advice is to go onto their podcast, pick a topic that is of relevance to you and listen to what Matt and Jeff have to say about the products.

Back in late March 2016, I also suffered a Grade 2 sprain to my right ankle, Grade 1 sprain on my left and pretty bad bruise on my bum. As a result, I was immobile for a good week and also took myself out of gym for a gruelling month. I took Cort RX which helps with inflammatory 3 times a day and ATP’s Dragon’s Breath which helps with swelling and pain multiple times a day to help get me back on my foot and at work AND travelling interstate within a week.

grade 2 leg sprain

The picture probably didn’t even do my leg justice, it was swollen, pain and absolutely all bruised up for a good month.

Apologies with the quality of the iphone vertical video, but you get the gist of my ankle was being treated with ATP Dragon’s Breath every few hours on repeat.
What I’ve learnt with The ATP Project so far:
  • Whilst their supplement is slightly more expensive but there are enough science behind it to justify
  • Quality over quantity – I will never purchase store bought supplements again
  • Understand health by utilising supplements that is right for you not just because it is the current “trend/buzzword”
  • For every hormone/health issue that you are experiencing, someone out there could be having similar issues too and there is a cure just by doing some simple fixes in your daily supplement. diet intake, etc.
I’m not sponsored or affiliate to ATP Science (as yet! One can hope right?) at the time of writing this post. I will continue to share what works for me on these series of post.



skii cellumination

It’s not often I finish skincare products in sync but recently I managed to finish three of my favourite skincare products in a row.

As you all know I regularly battle with hormonal acne and the only one that I’ve found to be quite effective in clearing hormonal acne bumps is Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion. I have previously blogged about this and it is available to purchase via Mecca stores or online. It is relatively affordable and great to help prevent acne from surfacing for me.

Next it was the SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence a fast acting serum that helps to keep my skin looking glowy and even textured. I find it particularly effective on acne scarring as it helps to speed up the healing and pigmentation process.

nuxe anti fatigue moisturiser

Last but not least, it is the Nuxe Anti Fatigue Moisturizing Cream (RRP AUD$45), this is a moisturiser that helps to instantly brightens and evens out skin dullness. Overall, I could feel that my skin felt instantly smoother and I love how the cream texture massages really well into my skin. It did however smelt like “old lady” scent but after using it for a week, I got over the scent pretty quickly.

All these three skincare products comes highly recommended and I genuinely loved using each of them, I’ve probably gone through at least 3-4 bottles of the buffering lotion for the years I’ve been introduced to it and at least 2 bottles of the cellumination aura essence prior to clearing out this bottle. Two thumbs up!~






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