ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand


ghd has been the market leader for hair straighter for the past decade or so. In terms of quality, durability and results delivery, one can’t fault ghd; hence all reputable hair salons here in Australia swears by them and uses them.


For the longest time, ghd has been quite conservative in terms of their product line up. It was all about the hair straighteners, hair styling products and brushes/combs.


Then last year we were introduced to ghd hair dryer and this year BAM, hello ghd eclipse aka ghd 2.0. ghd aura which is their updated version of the hair dryer and now a full range of curling wands to add to the list. The ghd curve range comes in the form of tongs and wands featuring their signature tri-zone technology focusing in delivering curls that last all day and night and more importantly healthy looking hair finish.


Today, I will be reviewing the ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand. This wand is really unique as it is not your usual cylinder shaped wand; this is oval shaped instead. It is designed for longer hair to achieve deep waves and the glamorous hair finish.

ghd curve wand

ghd’s ceramic technology guarantees the hair is bring curled at the optimum temperature of 185°C throughout the barrel evenly so that hair is curled efficiently without damaging the hair.

The ghd curve classic wave wand has a 38mm – 26mm oval shaped barrel and a cool tip to provide  a protective safe place to hold the hair in place while curling. There’s also a built-in safety stand allows the wand to stand during styling without damaging any surface.

ghd curve wand

Other brownie points for the wand includes, super quick to heat up, comes with sound effect to let you know if the wand is switched on and if it’s ready to use, has automatic sleep mode, long cord, universal voltage (can be used anywhere in the world) and it also comes with a limited edition rose gold heat mat and roll bag.

The only down side is that, mine did not come with a heat protective glove which caught me by surprise as heat styling wands minus a heat protective glove is an invitation for burnt fingers.


In terms of styling, I only need to hold each section of my hair 6-8 seconds depending on the size of each section wrapped around the wand. There’s a recommended option to spray hair spray over hair before styling to create even longer lasting curl but I find styling with the wand on hair with just a quick heat protectant spritz is great on its on.

ghd-paddle-brushSome of the tools I’m using to blow dry and to prep my hair before styling – ghd paddle brush, natural bristle radial brush and the tail comb.

ghd classic wave wand

Results! Natural wavy finish free of kinks.

Available to pre-order via ghd website now 


I have an obsession…

frozen yogurt

If you haven’t noticed on my #valfooddiary thread, I have a bit of an obsession with ice cream, soft serves and frozen yogurt. Basically, I am obsessed with anything that’s cold and fruity.

Speaking of frozen yogurt, Ayomo near my hood does hands down the best forzen yogurt around town and they are always super generous with their toppings too.

soft serve obsession

When it comes to good ol’ soft serve, I am obsessed with black sesame soft serve.

black sesame soft serve

Rice Work Shop in Emporium does some pretty mean ones for only $2 a pop! <3



After a hair treatment that leaves your hair silky smooth that last over 10-15 shampoos?

What’s better, said hair treatment is also chemical free and helps to shorten blow dry time!


Over the weekend, I was invited to Maison Tsumiki (@maisontsumiki) in Emporium to experience the new Kerastase (@kerastaseaus) in-salon hair treatment – Discipline. Discipline is an in-salon service treatment specialised to create the perfectly smooth hair in all motion. Just look at the promotional picture above, how glorious are those mane? #want!

I know there are heaps of hair smoothing treatments in the market but what makes Kerastase unique is that it doesn’t rely on any chemical to modify hair into smoothness hence even the likes of sensitive scalp and fine or unruly hair is perfect for this treatment.

The entire treatment took roughly one and a half hour including blow dry time for my long hair. It started with a double cleanse to rid of all product and oil residue in hair and the Kerastase Discipline treatment was hand painted onto my hair in sections.

Once completed, the treatment product is blow dried into my hair and a layer of flat iron was used to seal it into my hair. Next it was rinse out at the basin followed by heavenly combination of scalp massage and hot towel treatment. Bliss!

Then it was blow dry and viola, the entire treatment was relatively fast and really relaxing.

Kerastase Discipline Treatment Review

Pretty sure I don’t have to tell you which is before and after. None of these pictures were filtered or modified in anyway, I just grouped them side by side for comparison. Impressive huh?

Kerastase Discipline in salon Treatment Review

Here’s another one. I have pretty fine hair, the Kerastase Discipline In Salon treatment also helps to coat a layer of hair strengtening fibre to help smoothen and also prevent frizz. The finish was achieved with just a brush + blow dryer and it looked like a flat iron had run through it. Love the silky, smooth finish.


I also got to take home a mini pack of Kerastase Discipline shampoo, conditioner and mask valued at $60 to prolong the treatment results. For those with unruly hair, I highly recommend this treatment as it has already made my life so much easier with blow drying since it has cut short my blow dry time and after shampoo I can actually run a comb through my wet hair without it being all tangled and knotted as I have bleached and damaged ends.

It is recommended to do this treatment a week after colouring your hair to let your hair colour settle in and also for the treatment to perform at its best.

Kerastase Discipline In Salon Treatment is AUD$150 + Blow Dry
My treatment was done at Maison Tsumiki Emporium City 

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How to style a straight fringe

Some of you might have noticed via Instagram that I have a fringe now. I look something like this and people can’t stop saying how different I look now.


Whilst I was in Japan, I noticed that almost all girls regardless of age have a fringe. So after visiting some 4-5 hair salons around town, I finally found one that would take me in and touch my hair as most of them don’t speak English.

The last time I’ve had fringe was probably some 10 years ago, so when I first got this fringe on a holiday no less, I was completely at a lost at how to style it with close to no tools on hands.

After some quick Googling, tips from friends and hairdresser trips; I think I have this fringe styling thing down pat. You see as I am all for minimal fuss, my aim was to be able to style my fringe quickly, easily and with as little tools as possible.

fringe how-to

I have dead straight hair, hence styling is required so it doesn’t look as sparse or gappy. See picture above, this is unstyled fringe straight after shampoo and air dry.

Tools needed for fringe styling:

1 x paddle brush

1 x fine tooth comb

1 x hairdryer (I use ghd aura)

1 x hair straightener (I use ghd eclipse)

ponikuta blog

How to style straight fringe:

Step 1: Start with dry hair. Using a paddle brush, brush hair to your left and apply medium heat blast of hot air (hairdryer) to the hair from root to tips. Then brush hair to the right and repeat. Keep hair dryer as close to the hair as possible and this step shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds on each side.

Step 2: Comb hair to the middle either with the same paddle brush or fine tooth comb and you’re done.

This I find is the quickest and easiest way to style freshly trimmed/shorter fringe when you don’t want it to be overtly styled. The results will look something like my picture above.

valerie chan

How to style straight fringe with a slight curl:

Step 1: Again, start with dry, straight hair. If you are hair isn’t straight, start with the steps above to achieve the straight and volume finish. Using a fine tooth comb, comb hair to remove any kinks and smooth out any frizz.

Step 2:  Using your fingers grabbing small section of hair at one go and quickly run the heated hair straightener over it pulling it outwards and slightly curved at the ends. This should take more than 3 seconds for each section. Repeat with the rest of the fringe. I usually work from right to left systematically as I am left handed.

Step 3: You can either finger comb out hair or run a fine tooth comb over for the perfect finish.

I often use this styling technique when my fringe are at the 3-4 week mark, usually when it is long enough to hold a curl. I probably won’t recommend this if your fringe is really short as it will take some length away.

Picture above is styled this way without running a fine tooth comb over it. Picture below is styled with fine tooth comb after.

how to fringe

ponikuta blogger
This was styled by my hairdresser and she placed a round bristle comb under the top of my fringe, near the roots and blasted some hot hair on it for some volume but for some reason I couldn’t replicate this at home.



Aveda Shampure Composition


Say hello to Aveda’s newest oil product featuring their classic Shampure aroma – which comprises of 25 pure flower and plant essences (think lavender, ylang ylang, etc). This delicious oil can be used for the scalp, body or even in the bath.

This aromatic oil has a calming effect to the senses and is an excellent all around oil to help soften and condition skin/scalp with its unique organic sunflower oil blend to help restore moisture when moisture is needed.


I love how versatile this oil is to the body and mind.

For scalp - simply massage a few drops of this oil all over dry scalp prior to stepping into the shower for shampoo. I recommend to do this once a week or twice if you have dry scalp to help seal in moisture.

For body – after shower, lightly massage a few drops of this oil on its own onto skin or mix a few drops with your favourite lotion/cream for baby smooth skin.

For bath – add 5 – 10 drops into your bath for a skin softening and sensory comforting bath.

For shower – I often mix a few drops with my shower gel on a loofah for baby smooth finish.

Available in Aveda stores now 


Lancôme NEW Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector


Back in September, Lancome re-launched a the NEW Visionnaire LR 2412 4% – Cx. The renewed formula contains the same active ingredient as the original with a more potent formula for smoother and more supple skin finish.

For those of you with wrinkles and pore concerns, this is a great serum option to help correct and reduce these concerns. Texture and scent wise, it remains the same as the previous version. The smoothing texture helps to make it perfect for make up to go over during the day too.

Overall, I find that Visionnaire also helps to brighten skin area and is a great kick to the skin with its potent list of anti-ageing ingredients without adding grease or feeling heavy on my skin. I have never once experience skin dehydration or dryness when I am using this serum too. Recently, I went on an almost month long holiday and this serum kept my skin well balanced despite the crazy humid, rainy and also cold weather changes.

If you are in the market for a good all rounder serum, do give this one a trial as there’s heaps of science and research gone into the back end to perfect the formula.

Lancôme Visionnaire LR 2412 4% -Cx $97 (30ml) $135 (50ml)
Available on counters now 


Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream


One can always count on Lanolips to bring the goods when it comes to releasing innovative products. First there was the cult favourite 101 ointment, then the banana balm, lip ointment with colour , lemonaid lip aid and now THE Antibacterial Hand Cream.

At a very affordable price, this hand cream delivers a clever combination of antibacterial properties and intense hydration with their lightest formula yet.


With their signature trademark ultra pure grade lanolin, this silky hand cream creates an invisible layer of protective glove. Surprisingly, this cream doesn’t smell or feel like antibacterial products or stench of alcohol. All in all, I love this hand cream and the mousse like texture all whilst moisturising my paws.

Best of all, this hand cream is made in Australia.

RRP AUD$15.95 (50ml)
Available in Priceline or AdoreBeauty


elizabeth-arden-summer-escape 2014

This Summer 2014, Elizabeth Arden released the Summer Escape New Colour Collection with beautiful nautical themed make up packaging. The collection features a selection of bronzers, gloss sticks ($25 a pop), cream eyeshadows, a highlighter ($35), nail polishes and two duo eyeliner pencils.


I am quite fond of the highlighter and gloss sticks but the highlight of this collection for me is the Beautiful Color Define and Highlight Eyeliner Duo in #Cast Away.

As the name suggests, this is a dual ended eyeliner pencil that both define and highlight all at one go, how handy is it?


#Cast Away features both a deep brown shade and a light, creamy pearly shade. Now that I have eye lash extension on for months, I have slowly stepped away from eye make up altogether but this certainly got me back to the game. A little touch of highlight in the inner corner and lower lash line helps to brighten and make my eyes appear bigger and the deep brown shade is perfect to line the outer corner of my eye and a slight smudge on the upper corner of my eye for that winged eye look.

Both colours are super blendable (they contain jojoba oil, cotton seed oil, vitamin C and E, Mica minerals) so if you like me can go a little heavy handed, you can easily smudge some away with a cotton bud.


The Beautiful Color Define and Highlight Eyeliner Duo is clinically, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested so it is safe for even sensitive eyes to use. I took this with me on my holiday trip to Japan recently and boy did it last a great deal despite the humid weather and it came in so handy for touch ups and it did not irritate my eyes at all.

Available in Elizabeth Arden counters now 


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