Currently eating: The Sunny Cafe, Springvale

the sunny cafe springvale

Just look at the beauty that is pancake, egg omelette and chinese donut! Reminded me of Taiwan’s #3in1 so badly. Let’s just let the picture do all the talking.

The sunny cafe springvale

Best eaten on its own or even dip in their home made soya bean milk to take away some of the saltiness from the egg omelette. So, so good.

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the child of lov

Couple of weeks ago, we had a girls night out to watch Magic Mike XXL. This was  from one of the OST by an underground band call The Child of Lov.

It is such a happy song, I love it. Good times.


Winter Warmers with Molton Brown

For many, I know they loathe winter for its unbearable chill, hard-to-get-out of bed mornings, sunless days at times and the fact that the day seems so much shorter.

I do however like to see the beauty in such circumstances and be appreciative that I could wear my comfy boots every day, enjoy long hot baths, exercise in comfort (not too hot), sip tea all day long, burn my favourite candles and the list goes on.

One of my favourite thing to do in winter is to immerse myself in a sensory experience – think flowers, candles, hot baths, scrub and luxurious shower “me” time.


Recently, Molton Brown (definitely one of my top 3 brands for shower products) released a new scent to their bath & shower gel collection – Honeysuckle & White Tea (RRP AUD$39 for 300ml).

As its name suggest, this new floral blend has a sweet honey/jasmine scent that is rich in antioxidant with notes like bergamot, mandarin, sandalwood, vanilla to create the delicate and unique fresh sensory floral experience.


To continue the full pampering experience, I always follow up with a scrub. My current choice of scrub is the Heavenly Gingerlily Caressing Body Polisher (Out this September 2015 – RRP AUD$60 for 275g). This brand new body polisher takes a note out of Molton Brown’s most-loved fragrance families.

This body polisher uses Tahitian black sand (found in volcanic regions) for a beautifully rich and luxurious exfoliating experience. The scrub transforms into a silky and milky texture once massaged and skin is infused with spicy moisturising ingredients like tamanu nut oil, lily extract, ginger and cardamom.

Baby soft skin is guaranteed after each use of this scrub. I use this up to three times a week sometimes on dry skin for a more thorough scrub and sometimes after shower step.


Kevin Murphy Young Again Wash. Rinse.

Before I begin, I believe this is my first time trialling and reviewing Kevin Murphy haircare products; some beauty blogger I am. :)


My initial thought is that the standard product packaging is not quite small enough for travel use and not quite big enough for everyday use. It looks like it is going to run out on me pretty quickly. I also find that the conditioner needs a bit more of a squeeze to get products out of it. Having said that though, the actual packaging is pretty cool and has a masculine feel about it. Definitely unisex worthy product look.

Both the shampoo (WASH) and conditioner (RINSE) comes in distinctive coloured packaging colour so it’s easy to identify each while in the shower.

WASH is a restorative shampoo and it’s all about cleansing the scalp/hair + adding back all the amino acids to add shine to dry and brittle hair. As you know I’ve dyed, bleached, permed and submitted my hair to endless torture; my requirement of haircare is very important to keep my hair looking ‘somewhat’ alive and healthy. I did find this leaves my hair dry and have that squeaky clean feel after wash. I definitely required conditioner/mask after this.

RINSE is the conditioner that moisturises dry, brittle and damaged hair with amino acids, bamboo, lotus extract, baobab, mango seed oils to strengthen and smooth hair. After this step, my hair immediately feels softer and nourished.

Overall, these are great if you have oily hair/roots as it delivers the fresh, squeaky clean finish. It does the job of cleansing and moisturising but if you are after intense shine, this combo is probably not for you. I feel that they probably don’t have silicone in it either that gives the silky hair finish. I did love the scent though, it smells fresh without smelling too girly.





LuLuLun is perhaps Japan’s bestselling facial cloth mask. They sell millions of it each year, at least that’s what they advertise anyway.

When it comes to facial cloth mask, most people see it as an occasional “treat” for the skin where you probably do it once a week at best or when you travel. On the contrary, in Japan facial cloth mask is believed best to be used daily – hence the concept of a daily sheet mask concept.

I’ve used both the High Moisture Type pack (this package but in blue for hydrating) and Balance Moisture Type (in pink for combination skin). I’ve also used their 7 day and 14 day packs which I find the sheet mask to be trickier to remove from packaging and for some weird reason don’t stay on my skin better. So the way to go with LuLuLun masks is to get the 42 sheet pack which is also their bestselling format.

Overall, here are my thoughts on the mask:

  • Fits my face shape perfectly and easy to apply
  • Despite the thin mask texture, it never torn apart and doesn’t feel too heavy or slimy to use
  • Love the 5-8 minute daily mask concept, it’s quick, efficient and works for me
  • My skin have not felt dehydrated, tight or flaky once at all, all through winter
  • Super affordable
  • Each mask pack contains something like a full bottle sized of skin loving hydrating lotion with no added scent or additives
  • Despite it being a bundle pack packaging, each sheet is each to remove from the pack and with good hygiene (remove only with clean hands), I don’t see it as much of a problem. The mask also stays moist in the pack without drying out
  • Works as a great daily skincare maintainence for the added hydration boost but does not replace the intensive facial cloth masks like the likes of SK-II, La Mer, etc.

This is also one of those mask that I will make a point to top up every time I am in Japan. Can’t wait to get my paws on more when I am back next.

Each pack is retailed for ¥ 1,620 (approx. AUD$17-18)

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Currently eating: Sugarbun, Melbourne CBD

sugarbun broasted chicken

Having born and raised in Malaysia, one of my biggest struggle being here in Australia is the food I miss dearly at home. No matter how great a Malaysian restaurant is; it’s never the same as what you can get in Malaysia.

sugarbun delicious

Amongst the list of my never ending craving list, Bak Kut The (BKT aka soupy herbal pork broth dish)  is one that I kinda crave the most here in Australia because the weather is perfect for it. For the longest time, I could find any good BKT place in Melbourne until Sugarbun on Russell St, CBD opened up a few years ago.

sugarbun bak kut teh

I love that it has the option to add pork stomach (MY FAVOURITE!), comes with the perfect amount of yau char gui (fried dough) and the broth doesn’t have MSG in it yet they taste so good.

If you like pork, pork ribs off the bone, like the idea of herbal soup, deep fried dough, pork stomach (optional), you’ll love BKT.

My favourite way of having it is with fresh chopped garlic + soy sauce which you can also request for it at Sugarbun.

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Listening to: 李代沫 – 傻瓜


李代沫 also known as Demon Li (Had to LOL at that name) is a singer that was made famous in the first season of The Voice China.

Just love his voice, it tells the story perfectly. This one is titled – silly. 


Shiseido Perfect Whip Foaming Cleanser

When it comes to Japanese beauty products, do not ever underestimate the gems you can find in drugstores. Today, I will be reviewing one of the bestselling and must-buy drug store beauty product when in Japan.

shiseido perfect whip

Say hello to the Shiseido Perfect Whip Foaming Cleanser from the Senka line; which is a skincare collection focusing on skin cleansing. There’s everything from makeup remover, cleansing oil, water based cleansing oil, etc.

shiseido perfect whip cleanser

Today, I am reviewing the foaming cleanser which is designed for day and night use and be sure to double cleanse if you wear make-up. Personally, I treat this cleanser as my in-shower cleanser, meaning I use this mostly at night in the shower after makeup removal with a cleansing oil/balm step. Remember this cleanser should not replace your make up removal step/product, it compliments a deeper skin cleansing routine instead.

What makes this cleanser unique is its ultra-rich foaming ability, think marshmallow foamy but to get the foamy results there’s a technique in getting it right. The concept is that the foam will dissolve any impurities and cleanse skin better.

There’s two ways to transform this silky, cream gel texture into foam – either use a facial foaming net (very common in Japan) or work it up by adding a bit of water in your palms on repeat until you get to the desired foam amount. Personally I use a facial foaming net to get the foams as it takes me only 2 seconds to do so in the shower.

Here are my thoughts with Shiseido Perfect Whip Foaming Cleanser:

  •  I occasionally suffer from breakouts and congestions to the skin, since I’ve been using this cleanser every day; I find this less of an issue for me now
  • It’s super affordable only 398 yen (approximately AUD$4.50) for a full size product that only requires a dollop for each use. I am regretting for not stocking up with a few more tubes of these and will dread the day when my current tube runs out
  • Contains amino acid, natural sericin and hydrating ingredients to keep skin well moisturised without drying it out
  • It rinses off easily and leaves my skin feeling properly cleansed, smooth and soft
  • Great for all skin type

All in all, I have no complaints with this cleanser and would highly recommend it if you don’t have super dry or super sensitive skin. Now, if only we can get access to this easily here in Australia minus the price hike.


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