Eve Lom: Cleanser

Why I love it:

  • Definitely one of the most luxurious cleanser I have ever used
  • Lives up to it’s fame to cleanse, decongest, exfoliate, tone and soothes the skin
  • Star ingredients: Egyptian chamomile, Hops, Clove, Eucalyptus oil, Cocoa butter
  • Comes with a 100% cotton woven muslin cloth (all sizes!) to use in conjunction with cleansing the face to help improve circulation, open pores, cleanse, exfoliate impurities away
  • Works to remove makeup, eye makeup, mascara, everything melts away with this cleanser (amazing!)
  • Suitable for all skin type, once a day (at night) for normal to dry skin and twice a day (morning/night) for oily skin types
  • RESULTS: Clean, radiant and glowing skin without feeling dry or any tightening feeling after cleansing the skin.

How to use Eve Lom cleanser:

  1. Massage a small amount onto face and neck over make-up. (This is where your makeup melts away)
  2. Dip muslin cloth into warm water, squeeze off excess water and gently press the cloth onto face and neck for 5 seconds. Repeat 3 times. (Pores are open allowing the cleanser to deeply cleanse)
  3. Rinse cloth and work it in a circular motion across the face and neck to remove all traces of the cleanser. (This process helps with the exfoliation and encourages blood circulation)
  4. Lastly, dip muslin cloth in cold water, wring out and press onto skin for 5 secs to close the pores and tone the skin.

Eve Lom philosophy is that cleansing is the most important part in skincare routine because without a clean surface there’s no point piling on serum/moisturiser without having it being able to absorb effectively. Now that I have tried this, I’m not quite sure how I will be going back to using normal cleanser.

Don’t forget to wash your Muslin Cloth every other day. Muslin Cloths can be hand washed, boiled or put in the washing machine.

RRP AUD$68 (50ml) + Half a Woven Muslin Cloth
RRP AUD$115 (100ml) + 1 Woven Muslin Cloth
RRP AUD$186 (200ml)+ 2 Woven Muslin Cloths

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