Clear & Brilliant Laser: Before & After Photos


So previously I have blogged about my Clear & Brilliant Laser experience and now I am sharing with you my skin pre laser and post laser sans makeup (insert horror face). At point of writing this post, I have just gotten my second laser and is approximately 5 weeks since my first laser so I can share with you how my skin went week on week and what skincare I used post laser.

My skincare prior to Clear & Brilliant Laser:

  • Day: SKII Facial Essence, SKII Whitening Serum,  Jurlique Sun Lotion SPF30
  • Night: Alpha H Liquid Gold Skin Perfecting System
  • Additional care: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (every 2nd day)


Skincare post laser:

  • Day: Jan Marini C-Esta Cleanser, C-Esta  Serum and Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 15
  • Night: Jan Marini C-Esta Cleanser, Age Intervention Retinol Plus Face Cream and Age Intervention Peptide Extreme Face Lotion
  • Additional care: Jan Marini Skin Zyme Mask every 2-3 days


My main skin concerns pre laser:

  • Pigmentation (existing and prevention)
  • Scarring (mostly from frequent breakouts episodes)
  • Pores (mostly around the nose area)
  • Dullness (I am quite prone to this since I am on the pills)
  • Deep neck wrinkles

Now that we have gone through the basics, my initial experience and now you get to see what happens post laser (which is very crucial and not many people has shared this part of the journey). The pictures below are taken in natural day light, first thing in the morning after cleansing prior to putting on skincare. Due to the lightning is depending on the natural day light, I have no control over the lighting effects.

Before – Pigmentation on the forehead, pores around nose and redness around nose and mouth area.

Before – Visible neck wrinkles, acne scarrings on the cheek and nose pores.

Before – Obvious pigmentation on the top of the brow, pores on the nose, overall dullness.


On the day post laser

As this is my first laser on my skin ever, my skin appeared to be very red (in fact it is the reddest my skin has ever been) and it also felt very hot. Visually, it looks like my skin had a sunburn (ala Kim Kardashian) minus the skin damage of course. The ‘hot’ feeling lasted for approximately 6 hours or so and subsided towards the night.

Apart from the ‘hotness’, I can instantly see the ‘plumped’ effect due to skin being pricked and blood circulation is being boost. Since my skin felt very raw and tender, I resorted to skipping skincare and used cold water to gently cleanse my face that night.

Right after laser – Lobster red

Right after laser – It is as hot as it looks

Right after laser – Nothing a bit of mineral makeup can’t cover up.

Post laser Day 1-3

Redness on my face subsided by Day 3 but the redness on my neck are still visible. Skin felt dry to touch (I am assuming this has to be the dead skin cells sitting on the surface level) but not tightness. I also noticed that skin care absorbs approximately 80% quicker than usual. Around Day 2 I find that my skin started to flake a little, the Jan Marini Enzyme mask really helped to remove them.

Day 7 Post laser – Redness reduced, pores around nose feels somewhat tighten. Once the dry skin were sloughed off, my skin felt softer and visibly brighter already.

Day 7 Post laser – Acne scarring reduced, neck wrinkles soften. Overall skin felt tighten.

Day 14 post laser – Overall, skin appearance looks brighter and skin tone looks even toned. Neck wrinkles are dramatically soften too.

Day 14 post laser – As you know I am plagued with regular breakout, I was breaking out on the side of my face and jawline.

 Day 14 post laser – Clearer, brighter skin!


Redness has completed subsided. Just a hint of pinkness around my neck aka wrinkles land. After couple of days of gentle exfoliations my skin is baby smooth, radiant, visibly brighter and felt tighten. Best of all? Pores look noticeably smaller due to the tightening effect and blackheads were reduced! Major love!



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