In the past recent years, Crown has really stepped up in terms of food and beverage offering. I find ourselves hanging out more frequently at Crown be it casual lunch or special occasion to celebrate. Recently, Crown introduced the West End filled with the perfect mix of venues to dine, bars, gaming and live entertainment.

Stop by Cotta (for coffee), The Common Room (live performance), The West End Casino (gaming), Lumia (drinks) or The Merrywell (dine) to experience West End’s offering. On top of that, West End launched their iPhone app – The West End* to reward customers with special offers and rewards.

Couple of weeks ago, we got to enjoy a lovely dinner at The Merrywell and drinks at Lumia, so here is our experience.


The Merrywell


Award winning Scottish-born, Las Vegas-based chef Grant MacPherson and acclaimed American chef Sam DeMarco (Sammy D) are the culinary innovators behind The Merrywell. Using the best of local seasonal produce, With over 30 boutique beers and a selection of delicious cocktails to wash it all down, The Merrywell is culinary comfort food at its best.

I love my fine dining but more often than not I am happier with a plate full of food placed in front of me. The Merrywell does this perfectly by capturing the essence of “classic pub meal” and reinvented it to gastronomic pub perfection, my TYPE of restaurant. Offering comfort food like Mac & Cheese bite, Our Fried Chicken (chicken & waffle!), Fish & Chips, Lamb Pub burger, BBQ ribs and so on to Lobster rolls, Seafood Tower, Prawn Ceviche to Wagyu Sirloin. I am sure everyone will be familiar with dishes like these and have no problem in over ordering with the menu which was exactly what we did. Over ordered!


You know where to head to for a reasonable priced quick snack at Crown next time! 


We went on a Saturday night and it was reasonably packed and the restaurant was buzzing by the time we arrive. To start off with our meal, I had a glass of Verve Clicquot-Ponsardin while le garçon had a delicious Giang’s Dram (the perfect wintery cocktail – Glenfiddich 15 yr, Cointreau, orange peel, cloves, lemon juice, in-house spiced maple syrup). The menu offered french fries and chips so naturally I’d opted for the french fries and it came out thick as chips. Turns out the chips are really crisp (chips) and the french fries are really thick cut chips. How very confusing.  


To be fair, the french fries ($10) were really fresh and le garçon really enjoyed the homemade ketchup. Upon asking our waiter what was used in the ketchup he did mention he had no idea and refuse to let in anymore about it. He did however gave us second serve of the ketchup.

Next, we had lobster rolls ($22) The Merrywell’s has chunks of lobster chopped up in a really creamy mayo sauce instead of lobster medallions at Golden Field. The surface of the brioche is slightly greasy to eat with hands but otherwise, it was a yummy dish.

Beef Carpaccio ($18) – A delicious mix of crispy poached eggs, cheese, beef, avocado and truffle aioli. Bit unusual combination but surprisingly good.

For the main, we picked the Caveman 1200g aged (35 days) rib eye steak $99 – aka the highlight of our meal, aka the meal worth the 40 mins wait. It is designed for two person served with crisp onion rings and house steak sauce. Even though it says there’s a 40 minutes wait to this, it didn’t felt long at all as we were busy entertaining ourselves with drinks and entrees.



It came out like this, would you look at that?

I call this ‘drumstick’ for real man. So if you’re thinking of treating your man to a treat, this has to be it!

No man can resist this, I repeat, no meat eater can resist this.

The waitress took it back to the kitchen and cut it and topped with onion rings and the sauce.

Overall, the meal was satisfying and the service was really friendly despite one of the waitress in flats almost tripped on the carpet floor holding two glasses of drinks. Food came out fairly quickly with minimal waiting (I hate waiting for my food!) and the selection of food itself is delicious. One that definitely warrens a return and I am happy to pay for my own meal next time and trial the rest of the menu. What can I say? When it comes to food, good old nostalgic comfort food done right triumph fancy fine dining for me anyday.

For more information about The Merrywell:

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Lumia, West End Crown

Devised in the late 18th Century, Shrub was a technique used to, preserve summer berries and fruits for consumption year round. By adding sugar and vinegar, the fruits were reduced down to a dense liquid known as Shrub. The process not only ensured the fruits’ preservation, but compounded the sweet and sour flavours, producing phenomenal taste. Now, in the 21st Century, Lumia have taken Shrub and mixed it with modern spirits to produce cocktails which are, well, a little bit glamorous.

Last week, after a long week at work we decided to unwind at Lumia for some drinks before dinner. This sleek and understated bar has a huge lounge area to sit and catch up with friends (within the casino gambling floor no less) and offers a wide range of drinks from their Shrub Cocktails to an extensive list of wine and beer on offer. They also offer liquid dessert ($19.50 each)  like Apple Crumble (Zubrowka vodka, green apple sorbet, cloudy apple juice, cinnamon sugar rim).

We opted for the Shrub Cocktails as they are famous for but for some reason on a Friday night, they ran out of both bananas and watermelon (both of which are my top picks from the cocktail list) so we had to settle with Apple Daisy and Cherry Martini. I apologise in advance with the quality of photos, the area was dim and we were technically in casino grounds, I didn’t want to risk flashing my camera at everyone.


Apple Daisy – Russian Standard Vodka, shaken with cloudy apple juice, lemon juice, dandelion and apple shrub and floated in dry cider. This drink is quite sweet and is very refreshing. The bartender also used some of the sticky fluid from soda to stick the straws to the side of the martini glass. I find that a little unhygienic as the straws were handled by the bartenders bare hands.


Cherry Martini – Plymouth Gin shaken with juniper and cherry shrub, sweet vermouth and topped with Angostura Bitters. This has more of the distinctive gin and bitter taste to it. Perfect for after having a long week at work. The waiter who served us this drink tried multiple times to stick the two straws onto the side of the martini and it got a little awkward after a few failed attempts and he finally gave up by throwing the other straw that refused to stick to the glass and as a result there’s only one straw to this drink.

Overall, I really like the space and environment Lumia is located at and the drinks on offer. The staffs were again very friendly but perhaps need a tad more training as both bartenders were referring to a recipe when we ordered our Shrub Cocktails.


GIVEAWAY: One lucky reader will win $100 Crown West End voucher and this can be used at any bar/restaurant in the West End. Competition starts today 17th July 2012 and runs until 27th July 2012. Winner will be announced after 8th August 2012. Good luck!

To win it, just leave a comment below and tell me what is your definition of a good night out. No word limits apply. Impress me.

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In additional, Nuffnang is also running a giveaway worth $2,000 where you and a friend can win a trip to Melbourne to explore The West End and accommodation at Crown Metropol.  Click here to enter the competition. 


For more information about West End:

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  • Ling July 22, 2012, 3:21 pm

    A good night always involves fantastic company to provide banter and laughs and great yummilicious food – what more can you ask for???

  • Jacque Alsop July 23, 2012, 1:47 pm

    My pals and I are all at the trapped home with young kids stage of our lives so my ultimate night out, would involve the company of wonderful friends, somewhere grown up (no children) with buzz and atmosphere, but not so loud that we can’t talk and catch up. Tasty snacks and I a little tine tiny bit too much to drink, but not so much that my head hurts when the kids wake me up at 6.30am the next day after only a few hours sleep.

  • Effie Bakkalis July 26, 2012, 3:42 pm

    A good night out means no children, no curfew, no driving, and no stress!
    I love going out with my husband and friends and ‘pretending’ we don’t have children and are young again. We always do the 3 D’s: dine, dance and drink! We choose restaurants that have great meals (not necessarily expensive ones) and a friendly lively atmosphere with fantastic background music.
    Lastly, a good night means an unforgettable night full of frienship and laughter and happy memories!

  • Emily July 26, 2012, 6:08 pm

    My definition of a good night out involves fabulous makeup and good long as you have a good smoky eye and a couple of good laughs, you’re set for the night!

  • Jess @ Miss J. Shopaholic July 26, 2012, 6:14 pm

    Good food and even better company. Oh and if there’s shopping involved then that’s the cherry on top! xo

  • lilpil @ Things I Love July 26, 2012, 11:59 pm

    A good night starts with the company of girlfriends out in town, filled with laughter, getting the attention of that cute guy in the bar, having him send a drink over to you with his number, you text him a thank you and him texting to ask you out for dinner. The promise of another good night out is the ultimate good night out!

  • Michelle aka The Bakeanista July 27, 2012, 3:41 pm

    A good night out for me is definitely one spent hanging out with my boyfriend and a couple of good friends, where we laugh away at our own silly jokes, and enjoy yummy food all at the same time. I always look forward to Friday’s and Saturday’s when we can all relax and let our hair down… Yeap, awesome company and good food is all I need.

  • cinti August 1, 2012, 7:15 pm

    A great night out is when all the ladies get together and take their mummy aprons off, pop on a bit of lippy and hit the town. Sometimes it’s nice to pretend you have no responsibilities and just enjoy the moment with friends.


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