Dolly Wink Eye Shadow #02 Gray Pink



For those of you who are familiar with Asian make up brands, you must have heard of Dolly Wink. For those who have not, this is a popular Japanese make up brand designed by popular Japanese model Tsubasa Masuraka. Some of their best selling products includes fake eyelashes (my favourite brand!), liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and so on.

When I was travelling (you must be sick of me saying my travelling by now huh?) I picked up the Dolly Wink Eye Shadow #02 Gray Pink because this was a unique colour combination something I didn’t already own. One of the new make up trend in Japan is the “mode styles” and this eyeshadow palette claims to help your achieve the monotone mode styles with gray and pink shades.



The eyeshadow palette packaging reminds me of Anna Sui and in terms of size it is quite small as compare to your regular eyeshadow palette. I love the cute design and the clear view up at the front so I can easily identify what colours are in the palette.

Colour wise, this is a cute colour combination. It is recommended to use the various shades of gray shades (pale silver, gray and navy gray/black) blended on the top lid and the pink shade to line around the bottom lash area for a pop of colour to balance out the monotone upper eyelid.


As you can see from the swatch above, the shades are quite sheer as most Japanese eye make up do. The pale silver shade has a hint of shimmer in it to add dimension to the eye make up and the various gray shades work really well to help create a crease on my eyes and the pink is quite subtle for the overall look. These eye shadow blends fairly well and overall I quite like them. For those who love eyeshadows that pack a punch you’ll have to apply these eyeshadow wet for an intense finish.

Approximately RM78.90 /$1,600 yen /AUD$26.30


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