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For the month of Jan, I took on a new oral skincare routine. I know for a fact that I don’t have a well balanced diet and that there are only so much topical skincare can provide. Blackmore Radiance Skin Purify is perfect for those who suffer from adult breakouts be it hormonal or on a regular basis. I am one of the sufferers and often get breakouts on my chin/jawline area.

Blackmore Radiance Skin Purify helps to promote healing, to purify and to nourish skin. Some of the key ingredients includes burdock extract, zinc, copper, Vitamin E, C, B6 and so on. Combined with my regular peeling routine, I find that my skin is less prone to congestions and painful breakouts for the 30 days that I have been taking this. I usually take this in the evening, two tablets at once everyday.

To be honest, the tablets are quite big and can be hard to swallow for those who are not used to taking pills these big. I don’t have much of an issue with swallowing pills so I am fine with these.

Overall, I have always believed in inner health as well as outer skin care routine. While I am not one of those crazy pill popping individuals, I always make sure to rotate and take supplements regularly (eg: fish oil smoothie, cod liver oil, chlorophyll, goji shots, multivitamins, radiance skin purify, hair/skin/nail supplement); never together, one at a time always.


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