Dr.Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-Ageing Primer


dr lewinns primer


Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Primer (30 ml)

RRP AUD$29.95

Everyone should know by now that primer is a must if you wear foundation and want your foundation to last all day. Primer works as a bond between our skin and make up; this step is crucial for all skin types from dry to oily. Recently, Dr.LeWinn’s released their Skin Perfect make up collection and today I will be reviewing the Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Primer.

dr lewinns anti ageing primer

Packaging wise, this primer comes in a frosted glass bottle packaging with a pump bottle mechanics. Texture wise, this primer is very lightweight and leaves skin a cooling sensation after application. All you need is one full pump for a full face application.

I did find that this primer leaves my skin feeling well moisturised and hydrated throughout the day. Especially great for the days where my skin is acting out and flaky. I find this primer better suited for normal to dry or dehydrated skin.


dr lewinns line smoothing complex


Additionally, I also recommend to use Dr.Lewinn’s Line Smoothing Complex High Potency Treatment Mask (RRP AUD$79.95 for six) regularly if you want a deeper hydration boost and to keep skin well balanced to prevent signs of premature ageing.




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