When it comes to skincare, I am a firm believer of a good serum and moisturiser to match could work wonders to skin by locking in the potent goodness of a serum. Alpha H recently did a facelift in terms of their skincare products packaging and as well as their website to enhance the consumer online purchasing experience.




A while ago, Alpha H got in touch with me to review some Alpha H products and fast forward 6 weeks later, I am reviewing the Alpha H Vitamin A & E 50/50 (RRP AUD$102) and Alpha H Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant (RRP AUD$59.95).

Alpha H vitamin A & E 5050 review

Alpha H Vitamin A & E – 50/50 with almond

RRP AUD $102

Serum being the most important part of skincare can address and prevent heaps of skin concern these days. I chose this vitamin packed serum because it works to help repair cellular damage. This serum recommended to use only at night time for dull, pigmented and acne scarred skin. Now we all know Vitamin A is great for anti-ageing and Vitamin E being awesome at repairing. Combining these two powerful ingredients, we get this potent serum that encourages tissue to regenerate, strengthen skin tissue and to boost skin repairing.

Personally, I reckon this rich and runny textured serum would be better off to come in a pump bottle packaging instead of a dropper packaging. Due to the thick, runny texture and narrow bottle neck, one have to be extra careful to return the dropper otherwise it overflows on the bottle neck which cause wastage and stains the white bottle packaging.

I used this every night and only use two drops for full face and neck application as it is quite rich and requires some time to massage and absorb. I do love the richness of this serum and how it instantly soothe my sensitive, dry and itchy skin patch. After 4 weeks of nightly application, I find this effective in addressing any hydration issue, acne scarring heals faster and my skin is less prone to redness and flaring up. Best of all, each morning I wake up to plump and well rested skin.

Definitely recommend this for the colder month if you have oily/combination skin. Be sure to be diligent with sunscreen especially when you’re using Vitamin A.


 Alpha H Balancing Moisturiserand Gentle Exfoliant review


Alpha H Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant

RRP AUD$59.95

Alpha H pretty much nailed this packaging with a hygienic pump bottle packaging. I have oily/combination skin that is prone to adult acne, acne scarring, blackheads, pigmentations and dullness. Especially since I have past the 25 year old mark couple of years ago, I have noticed that pigmentations, scarrings and dullness seems to be more prevalent than ever and it takes longer for scarring to heal.

As a result, I have been turning  to glycolic acid based skin care products more from cleansers, serum to moisturiser. This moisturiser contains 10% glycolic acid and it helps to refine pore issues, accelerate the healing of blemishes and to help clarify skin as a whole.

This moisturiser is perhaps one of my all time favourite moisturiser since it is light weight, absorbs into skin super quickly (making this perfect for both day and night) and it also contains high dosage of hyaluronic acid to moisturise skin and keeping it plump. It also sits on skin well without balling with my sunscreen/primer/foundation routine.

Great for oily/combination skin or problematic skin with acne/blackheads/pores concern.


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