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Before I start this post, let me begin by saying I am writing this post 100% unbiased and the favourable comments that I am about to pepper all over this post is well and truly deserved. As a seasoned (ahem, I have after all just recently passed my 9th year mark blogging on THIS BLOG!) beauty blogger, it will get to a certain point where not many beauty products can tickle your fancy. After all, how different could a red lipstick be after being launched and relaunched every single year?

So recently, a common friend put us in touch and Dean Nixon reached out for my help to organise an intimate beauty bloggers’ gathering to attend his Makeup Masterclass and to showcast the launch of his Master Makeup brushes and this is what went down.

Ponikuta & Dean Nixon

With the extremely insightful and resourceful Dean Nixon 

Master Makeup Class

With some of my #MBBE ladies – love them all with or without makeup 

The Makeup Masterclass (RRP AUD$150) ran by Dean Nixon is by far the best masterclass I have attended and here is why:

– You’ll never be forced to buy anything.

– Dean never preach about one make up brand only (my biggest pet peeves from so many make up artists), he believes in sharing and discovering the latest beauty products and continuing to improve oneself. Totes my mantra!

– Dean is full of character and shares the most hilarious stories, you’re guaranteed to laugh through your session and actually have fun. Tres important!

– There is no textbook guideline to makeup application technique for everyone, Dean believes that each individual is different and hence should modify the technique to best suit each individual.

– Most importantly, Dean doesn’t take makeup too seriously, it is about experimenting and having fun with makeup and yourself.

– During the masterclass, you’ll also be able to trial and play with his make up brushes (try before you buy!).

– We were instructed to bring along make up products (and questions!) that we have and to learn how to best apply them. Very consumer focused!



As for his newly launched make up brushes – Master Makeup by Dean Nixon; the Kabuki Brush is by far the most impressive. Every single beauty bloggers (who know their stuff) that trialled the brushes have nothing but high praises. Personally, I am a firm believer that we don’t need a million and one make up brushes to complete a look (unless if you’re a makeup artist, that’s a different story!). In fact, I only go through less than five make up brushes on my day to day make up look.



The key make up brushes that completes any make up bag are – a big fluffy brush (Kabuki brush RRP AUD$40), a pointy tip brush (Eyeliner brush RRP AUD$30) and a Blending brush RRP AUD$30 (how did I live without you?).


master makeup brushes

A good quality kabuki brush with LONG HANDLE is so versatile. You can use it to dust powder all over face AND can double it as a bronzer or blush brush. A true multi purpose brush!

The eyeliner brush is a tricky one to get it right. General rule of thumb, the smaller a brush the better always easier to blend out then to pile on too much eyeshadow and trying to work backwards I say.

As for the blending brush, it is a no brainer, it helps to smooth any obvious rough lines and helps to blend everything together.

If I were to rank them, the one that won my heart over would be the Kabuki Brush because it is unique (long handle), super soft to skin and is totally affordable. Secondly, it has to be the Eyeliner Brush where it is just the right size for my eye makeup application and the third would be the blending brush.

All Master Makeup brushes and classes are available to purchase online 

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