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Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Collection

RRP AUD$15.99 each


Continuing Toni & Guy’s latest hair products, there’s now a Sculpting Powder, Style Spray Wax, Smoothing Lotion and Volume Plumping Whip new products in the mix. With the elegant matte packaging finish, this collection does not disappoint and there’s a product for everyone.

Personally, I like the Classic Smoothing Lotion (kinda like a leave in conditioner), applied to damp hair prior to blow drying. Especially great for split ends and damaged hair.

Available in Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and Big W


Spend: Tigi Bed Head


Approx. RRP AUD$25.00+ each 

This collection is bright, fun and adds a splash of colour to any bathroom. Apart from smelling so sweet and fruity (great for morning pick me ups!), the scents are also long lasting.

I love using the “Elasticate” shampoo and conditioner combo as they leave my hair soft and well moisturised. In addition, my hair feels way stronger and less “snappy” since I’ve started using this combo.


Splurge: Shu Uemura Art of Hair


This luxurious hair collection is the latest to hit our shore and to wow us away. Shu Uemura is famously known for their make up/skincare products especially their make up removing cleansing oil, eyelash curler, fake eyelashes and blushes. When they recently released their hair care, I was definitely intrigued.




Cleansing Oil Shampoo RRP AUD$72 

Essence Absolue Nourishing Oil in Cream RRP AUD$66

Cleansing oil for hair!! How can you not get excited? Looks exactly like their best selling make up remover cleansing oil. This lathers quite well and is gentle to the scalp. I needed 2 pumps to cleanse my entire scalp properly and another 2 pumps for the rest of my hair. Due to my long hair and the fact that I wash my hair almost everyday, I foresee myself finishing this bottle quite quickly.

Just like your normal shampoo, the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo is to be applied to wet hair and massage thoroughly. It leaves my hair clean (you know the feeling when its cleans) and bit dry on the strands so this shampoo definitely requires a conditioner after. Since I double cleanse my scalp for days I don’t wash my hair everyday, I use this as my double cleansing step.

I have been following up the shampoo with Essence Absolue which is a leave in conditioner. Rich in texture and subtly fragranced, I apply onto towel dry hair and blow dry to not only condition hair but also protect it from the heat of a blow dryer.

 shu uemura art of hair review

Volume Maker Invisible Texturizing Powder RRP AUD$46


This hair texturising and volume booster powder comes in the form of a click-release pen. Applied on dry hair it gives roots and limp hair a boost. It also helps to revitalise blow dries and spread even with fingers. As this is recommended to apply with fingers, I am not sure why it is designed with a brush.

Apart from that, I do apply this with the brush head and gently massage over my scalp before scrunching it up further with fingers. The powder is really finely milled and blends well into roots without appearing like dandruff like other brands do!


For more info:, available exclusively in premium salons.


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