Lunasol Skin Modeling Powder Foundation

I have been a huge fan of Lunasol base make up products for the longest time. Each time I buy from their Kanebo Lunasol counter, they are also notorious for being generous at throwing samples at you, hence making me liking the brand even more.

One of the samples I always get happens to be the Lunasol Skin Modeling Powder Foundation. This is also perhaps the most exciting sample I get every time at the counter and sometimes I would also request for them (pretending I haven’t tried it before, ha!).


Long story short, I love their powder foundation for years but have never gotten around to reviewing it since I didn’t own the full size product. Couple months ago, I ran out of my sample and thought it was high time I bite the bullet and commit to the full size product and I am so glad I did.


As with most Japanese departmental store brand make up product, the powder foundation and the compacts are sold SEPARATELY. So make sure to keep an eye not to end up with just the foundation.

There are six shades to choose from, I have tried OC-02 in the past and find it too yellow tone for my liking so I went with OC-01. This is a perfect match for me and for my current skin condition.


Lunasol Skin Modeling Powder Foundation comes with SPF 20 PA++ which is great, but as always remember to prep your skin with sunscreen regardless. Previously, I have gone through the liquid phase and the cream phase for foundations and it seems I am obsessed with powder foundation now.


I am also very glad to report that this very powder foundation stood up to Melbourne’s recent heatwave (aka over 40 degrees day for a week!) and even those unbearable stuffy, sweaty tram rides, this foundation did not once budge at all. This is now my HG foundation for Summer!


What more can I say? I love everything about this HG foundation:

  • Amazing oil controlling
  • Impressive medium coverage with the lightest application (even with reddness!)
  • Easy to apply (with the sponge that comes in the compact)
  • Perfect colour match (OC-01 for me)
  • No retouching or reapplication needed for me throughout a normal’s day of wear
  • Doesn’t clog my pores (no breakouts)
  • Doesn’t crease into fine lines
  • Hides my dark eye circle without the need of concealer and it doesn’t dry up under my eye area


The finish is super lightweight and the powder is really refined. Basically if you want your skin but BETTER, this is the go to foundation. I guess the only thing is you have to be diligent with washing out the sponge (I do this weekly usually on the weekends). Alternatively try buying backup sponge whilst you wash the other.

PS – My bff Tina also has a review on this product here.

 1,500 yen (case) + 4,000 yen (foundation)
Approximately AUD$60
This item was purchased from Japan

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  • Tina February 5, 2014, 7:06 pm

    Snaps for Lunasol powder foundation BFFs!! *hair flip*

    • ponikuta February 9, 2014, 2:26 pm

      Lol, loves it. *hair flip*


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