One of the beauty of beauty blogging (geddit!) allows me to meet all types of beauty experts. Through my years of blogging, I am grateful to be able to meet, interview, experience and be acquaintance with a list of beauty army whom I hold on dearly as they are the best in the field (in my opinion).

As I grow older, I am less patient and less experimental with different beauty service providers. I’d like to think that I have gotten to that point in life where I have experienced enough mediocre services to be able to differentiate who really knows their stuff.

So here it is, my trial, tested and approved list of beauty army:

For my brows I go to Lien from Brows and Makeup – She’s a game changer and have been preaching about thick, well defined brows when everyone else were still over plucking and waxing em’. Lien is based in Sydney but she has been making regular trips down to Melbourne so catch her while you can.

For facials I go to Fumi from Zen Facial – Anti aging yoga facial at its best. Unfortunately for me Fumi is also based in Sydney and she too flies down to Melbourne regularly to take on bookings.

For hair I switch between Sally from Sui Salon or Taka from Maison Tsumiki – They know my hair and they get “asian” hair. Oscar Oscar Salon also recently opened their second store in St Kilda which is heaps closer to me. I am curious to suss out the place too when I need to get my hair done next. Look for Nathan or Jacky.

For injectables I trust only Dr Simone from Erase Clinic – People always associate injectables with anti ageing, truth to be told, there are plenty other uses for fillers apart from filing up fine lines and wrinkles, you could define, add volume and shape.

For anti ageing treatments I turn to Christiana from Saphira Clinic – To prevent ageing, the best treatment you can bet your money on is Thermage and Christiana is the best in town in performing this treatment.

For eyelash extension – I’m keeping this a secret for now as my go-to girl isn’t taking on customers as much anymore these days and I don’t want her to get too busy and can’t fit me in. Sawry!

For acupuncture and osteo I go to Dr Jon Marshall – Just like every other first world problem, I have them too. Neck ache, shoulder ache, weak wrist and sore back from all the hours spent sitting in front of the computer. Regular appointments for acupuncture and osteo helps to correct my back as well as to keep the energy flowing right. Sometimes, we throw in cupping and the likes too.

There you have it, my complete list of beauty army. Care to share in the comment section below some of your favourites too?

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