Dior Prestige White Collection

Dior recently released some new skincare products addition to their infamous Dior Prestige White collection. This collection focuses in delivering both brightening and anti-ageing benefits to women 30 and above.

dior prestige white collection

As we all know, one of the biggest sign of ageing is not just lines/wrinkles but also the overall appearance dullness of the skin. Skin that looks lackluster, skin that looks “tired” and this can all be rectified and prevented with prolong use of Dior Prestige White skincare range.

dior prestige le nactar blanc

Today, I will be reviewing the serum aka Dior Prestige White Collection Le Nectar Blanc and the creme aka Dior Prestige White Collection La Creme Eclaircissante. Both products features the key ingredient Rose de Granville (anti ageing) with the unique brightening properties of White Rose. A rare alchemy for skin’s youthfulness and radiance.

le nactar blanc review

Dior Prestige White Collection Le Nectar Blanc – Is a highly concentrated serum that is specifically formulated for delicate Asian skin. Having said that, it can be used for all skin type. Texture wise, this milky white serum is waterly light and once applied onto skin it transforms into a silky and luminous finish. Designed to deeply penetrate and to revitalize skin, this serum is good for both day and night use to help target visible dark spots.

dior prestige white moisturiser

dior prestige white skincare

Dior Prestige White Collection La Creme Eclaircissante – This creme (moisturiser) is designed as a following up step after the serum and again, perfect for day and night use. Despite the moisturiser coming in a luxurious jar packaging, it is surprisingly lightweight and the texture melts away as soon as it is massaged into my skin.

dior prestige white moisturiser

I really love the concept of moisturising, protecting AND also brightening the skin appearance all at once. Over time, both the serum and moisturiser combo is able to illuminate dull skin, smooth skin surfaces and nourishes skin to prevent premature aging and slow down signs of ageing. Despite me hitting the big 30 last year, I still suffer from acne (how annoying!) and have a growing concern with ageing; so this skincare regime fits perfectly into my skin care needs.

One side note though, they will be pretty hard to bring along for travelling so perhaps decanter is the best way to go if you want to bring them with you on holidays.

Dior Prestige White Collection Le Nectar Blanc RRP AUD$ 460
Dior Prestige White Collection La Creme Eclaircissante (refillable) RRP AUD$ 460
Both products are available on Dior counters now 

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