Why I choose Thermage?

For my long term readers, you’ve probably read about my previous experiences with Thermage and how there’s no downtime and isn’t invasive yet super effective in my experiences.

Naturally now that I am in my 30s, the focus has moved on from oil controlling/hydrating to anti-ageing and preventative care to my appearances.

thermage results

One month after my recent Thermge treatment.

Let’s face it, there’s only so much skincare could do to one’s skin and it is very important take care of skin from inside out via our lifestyle + diet and giving it a boost every once in a while. Whilst skincare is what helps to maintain and prevent, treatments helps to give skin a booster.

post thermage

One month post thermage

That booster of choice for me is Thermage. Whilst it is a little pricier than your average facial, it works for me hence I am committed to it. For those who are not familiar with Thermage; it is a facial treatment that uses radio frequency to destroy saggy and ageing collagen under the epidermis layer and kick start the skin into mass producing new layers of collagen which in return gives the lifted, face tightening effect.

Thermage is perfect for those who:

  • Want to look refreshed, lifted, tighten without having to go under surgery and needles
  • Looking for an overall treatment to target face, jawline and neck for visible and long lasting results
  • Want something done without any downtime/skin sensitivity, time poor, etc
  • Searching for preventative treatment to anti-ageing or addressing anti-ageing; Thermage results are evident time and again for me that it is by far the best preventative facial treatment I have experience and could visibly see results.

So far I have completed three Thermage treatments in the past four years. Due to the weight changes I’ve experienced in the past couple of years, it has seen me through dramatic weight gain and losses (8kg and so on). Naturally, this change in my body has also caused a toll on my skin and face.

thermage weight lost

In addition, I’ve done Invisalign to correct my underbite and straighten my teeth. So that has contributed to some weight lost too. Thank goodness for Thermage (I believe it did), my skin didn’t sag, look too sunken or look hallow like one would after major weight lost.

My treatment was complimentary by Saphira Clinic – 23A Beatty Avenue, Armadale, VIC 3143.
Suggested treatment price approximately RRP AUD$2,500

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