Date: 23rd October 2016
Weight: 52.5kg
Weeks out: 6 months 1 week
Comp date: April 2017, TBC – ANB or INBA

Last week’s exercise routine:

  • Quads, Glutes
  • Shoulders, Tricep, Abs
  • Back, Bis
  • Hamstrings, quads, glutes, abs

progress shot

As you can see, I haven’t been doing any cardio exercise this week. There’s no real reason behind this apart from “trialling something different” and also focusing in retaining energy for heavier lifting sessions. I am also very happy that I managed to squeeze in 2 x legs sessions despite a busy schedule this week.

Technically I went shopping for a solid 5-6 hours on Saturday so that counted as cardio right?

glute pose

Despite training my legs and glutes quite extensively; I find myself loving shoulders and biceps session more and more. I used to hate training biceps because it generally makes me feel weak. However, that’s completely changed now. You can say I am totes having a shoulder & bis moment.

Physique update:
ponikuta bodybuilding

Front – When will my quads decides to make an appearance? Not a fan of Nike Pro shorts, they always make me look like I’ve got love handles!!!

ponikuta fitness

Back – Where are my calves and hammies? Time to get my comp heels and to work on my posing routine.

ponikuta bikini

Side Profile – I was actually in mid conversation when this was taken. I believe I was in the middle of trying to flex and laughing at the same time. 🙂

Changes this week:

  1. I drank alcohol AND soft drinks this week.  Aim to cut alcohol & soft drinks out of my diet by November. Whilst it was moderated amount and in small doses, I still felt that they are still unnecessary calories and I don’t need the additional bloat from carbonated drinks.
  2. Started to research for my comp suit and heels. Deciding on bikini colour at the moment and I’m thinking of either purple, green or blue.
  3. I’m kinda torn between wanting to do more videos to capture my workout routine and wanting to focus on my actual workout without having to worry about fiddling with camera. I’ll aim to capture at least one session a week. I find these helpful to look at my posture and forms to ensure I am doing the right thing since I mostly train by myself.
  4. My gym membership expired this week. I found out about it by taking a full serve of preworkout and finding myself locked out of the gym on Tuesday night. With a mixture of jittery rage, I drove to good old Doherty’s in CBD to smash out my Tuesday session. All I have to say is that I’m glad Doherty’s is so close to home.
  5. Surprise, surprise I’ve unintentionally and subconsciously started ordering healthier food when I’m out having meals. Whilst I did had some chow kuey teow (half serve), dumplings and korean bbq – complete with pork belly when I was out this week; I’ve balanced it out with some healthier green options too.

crux and co

Think this was the vegetarian breakfast from Crux and Co.

smak eating house

Baked eggs from SMAK

lune macca saca

Naughty pastries from Lune.

See you next week!

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