Recently, I came across this article about skincare tips in particular for the 2os to the early 30s.


The article touched on the changing landscape of beauty especially for the millennials and boy do they have pressure unlike any of us have had experienced in the past decade (no thanks to smartphones, smart cameras and social media of course to amplify the instant need for validation and documentation of our daily lives).

Another great point that was raised especially for those who are in their 20s is the sheer amount of information available from product reviews, treatment reviews to accessibility to procedures.

As a results, we see an increasing tribe of young girls who aggressively overused procedures and injectables which causes unfortunate irreversible changes that can actually age a young face more than prevent ageing.

megan_fox plastic surgery

Yikes, think Megan Fox!

For the full list of what to look out for and if you are interested in clinical procedures, how to find the right practitioner and what procedures to trial, read this article here

Speaking of procedures, what are your favourite procedures/beauty treatments?

Mine are regular SNS nails, eyelash extensions and once in awhile good old microdermabrations and annual thermage & fillers procedures.


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