Chapter 7 – Get on with it

Date: 30th October 2016
Weight: 54.4 kg
Weeks out: 6 months
Comp date: April 2017, TBC – ANB or INBA

PS: This is my second time writing this post as the first time around I didn’t save my draft. FML, so here goes again. 

This week marks the end of October and I am officially approximately 6 months away from comp. It is time to get a bit more serious.

My goals in November is to clean up my eating pattern, start macro counting and work towards sleeping earlier instead of hitting the sack 1-3am daily. Let’s see by the end of this month, how many of those goals will be followed through.

ponikuta fitness

Last week’s exercise routine:

  • Shoulders
  • Abs, Back, Cardio
  • Bis, Tris
  • Abs, Hamstrings, glutes
  • Quads, glutes

Feels good to get back to 5 days of workout per week. With the start of a new month, I intend to start reintroducing some low intensity steady state cardio into my workout routine. I’m also pushing for heavier lift days and aiming for new PRs at the moment to ensure I am maximizing my surplus calories into muscle mass growth.


New Lululemon pants, love them they fit like a glove and they are the best! May or may not have bought a pair or two or leggings this week to gym motivation. >.<

Physique update:

I apologise in advance with the quality of physique progress shots this week. As my photographer was not here to take pictures for me, I had to film this in a video and take screengrabs of these progress shot hence the slightly blurry and pixelated finish. No filter or colour correction was applied in any of these pics.


Front – I’m currently weighing in at the heaviest I’ve ever been in the past one and a half years. Whilst I trust the process and isn’t too worries about numbers on the scale, I do feel heavier and bulkier than ever before.

ponikuta comp prep

Back – I think my back is slowly leaning out, albeit very slowly.

ponikuta progress shot

Side – Not much of a progress here…. Nothing to see, move along.


Changes this week: 

  • I’ve contacted and decided who I will be going with to custom my posing suit – I think I have made a decision on what colour to go with as well!
  • Researched my comp heels – by the looks of it, I’m definitely picking one with ankle straps.


  • Read a whole heap about hormones and how to train with it not against it. I’m thinking of summarizing what I’ve learn in a separate blog post or I might document it in my next few week’s of updates.

atp science infrared review

  • Replenished some of my regular supplements, I did purchased ATP Science Infrared and T432 Plus to give them a go too. I am not sponsored or affiliated with ATP Science, I am just documenting what works for me here on the blog.
  • I’ve tested Infrared (drink during workout mixed with 700ml of water) a couple of sessions and I love it, the taste doesn’t taste sickening sweet like so many BCAA does and it doesn’t leave this yucky aftertaste in my mouth either. Best of all it doesn’t break me out like BCAA does.
  • As for the T432 Plus, I am waiting to finish my Alpha Venus (quarter of a bottle left) so I can get onto this. Apparently this helps to kick start metabolism and fat burning in a natural sense. Can’t wait!


  • I have to admit, I’ve eaten a lot of junk this week, I am not proud of it but I am also reminding myself this is it, the last “cheat” before the tidying up of diet and amping up of routine commence.


See you next week!

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