Chapter 8 – Focus on your goal

Date: 6th November 2016
Weight: 54.3kg
Weeks out: 5 months and 29 days out
Comp date: 7th May 2017, Sunday (ANB or INBA)

Comp date is finally out and both ANB and INBA are holding their Melbourne comps on the same day. I am yet to decide which comp to enter, at the moment I am leaning more towards ANB. Regardless, D day is 7th May and I have approximately 6 months to prep.

This whole time, I have been working towards April 2017 deadline upon finding out the comp dates, I am kinda relief that I have more time to work on lean bulking and shredding.

lean bulking female

At the moment, I am on track with macro counting keeping my calories within 1800 – 1900 daily (lean bulking diet). I am also slowly making sure my sleeping hours are adjusted to waking up earlier so when I commence my morning cardio routine (likely to start in December), it will be less painful. So far, I am still struggling with the sleeping earlier routine, I am just a night owl through and through.

Last week’s exercise routine:

  • Shoulders
  • Back, cardio
  • Bis, tris, cardio
  • Abs, cadio
  • Quads, hamstrings, glutes

cardio session

Managed to smash out 3 x cardio session this week and I am pretty happy with that. Shall continue a bare minimum of 3 cardio sessions a week leading up to shredding season.

Physique update:

front pose female

Front – Full bulk mode is evident when not only you can see muscles definition being fuller, I can feel fuller as well.

back post female

Back – Probably the only place I can see muscle definition left is my back… barely any at that too.

side post female

Side – Side hammies are slowly popping out though.

Changes this week:

  • In other thoughts, I am thinking of starting to measure my body parts & body fat % come December so I can track my progress. At the moment I am only weighing myself without putting too much thoughts into it. I’ve definitely gained in size in the past month or so with my bulking diet.
  • I got accepted as part of ATP TRIBE this week. Can’t wait to share more about what this is all about. So happy!

lululemon review

  • New gym gear (Lululemon – favourite for leggings and Lorna Jane – fav for sports bra) always give me more motivation to gym. So when you are feeling less motivated, this retail therapy trick might help. (really any excuse to get new activewear, YAS!)

jefit app review

  • I’ve been using this app – JEFIT when I first started lifting because it gave me simple, clear and quick instructions of exercises and how-to use equipments at the gym. This was extremely helpful for me because most of my exercise routines are self taught. I could pick by body parts I wanted to work on and it helps for me to mix up my exercise routine to keep things fresh as well. It’s free to download too, how good is that?


  • Been incorporating ATP Infared (drink during workout) to my workout session this week and I’m loving it since I don’t take BCAA as I find most of them are either too sweet/spikes my insulin level with the sugar free component and what not. ATP Infrared doesn’t mess up with my gut and doesn’t leave me bloated. LOVE IT!

female comp prep

  • Incorporated workout and food intake along with my hormonal cycle. Shall blog abit more about it on a separate post around – follicular, ovulation and luteal phase which all impact females and their weighting game. Train smart and hard!!

cheat meal dirty bulking

Cheat meals this week. Yikes! 

See you next week!

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