Chapter 9 – No sweat no gain

Date: 13th November 2016
Weight: 53.5kg
Weeks out: 26 weeks out
Comp date: 7th May 2017, Sunday – INBA

26 weeks out! May 2017 sounds like such a long time away but in reality 26 weeks is really not much. As an inexperienced female competitor, I will need a minimum of 20 weeks to start prepping for comp. I am quite confident that I’ve already had the extra 8 weeks to research, mentally prepare and getting into the zone. Come next week, it’ll be no excuses and no exceptions!!

bikini posing

This whole time though, I’ve been researching and mentally preparing for ANB as I’ve been to one and is more familiar with that. However, it’s been announced that due to the clash of both ANB and INBA comp dates being the same, ANB decided to push the comp date out by a week to the 13th of May.

ponikuta atp tribe

This sucks because I am leaving for a planned overseas trip on the 11th of May, as a result I have no choice but to compete in INBA on the 7th May and I will have to re-look and plan on the divisions I’m attending.

cardio for fat loss

Last week’s exercise routine:

  • Shoulders, cardio
  • Abs, glutes, hamstring, cardio
  • Bis, tris
  • Back, glutes, double cardio session

This week, I’ve been working on heavy sets and focusing on my negatives. This combination has always been my favourite way of training except I got a little extra help on negative training and boy did it burn. I’ve also upped my cardio session to a minimum of 30 minutes and max of 40 minutes.

Physique update:

ponikuta progress shot

Front – Bulking mode, nothing to see here.

follicular phase

Back – Back definition is coming along nicely but definitely heaps of room for improvements.

ponikuta fitness

Side – Quads are popping!!

This week, I’ve started to work on my poses and boy can I say, I have no graceful bone in me! Lets just say the biggest challenge for me would definitely be posing.


Changes this week:

  • For some reason, on day 9 of my follicular phase; all the water retention dropped off and I woke up to my leanest in awhile. Could also be a combination of smaller dinner, less food intake, T432 Plus and cardio session. I am definitely capitalising on the follicular phase by eating lots of carbs and training hard and lifting heavy.
  • Been doing some research on Sweet Sweat and I am keen to give it a trial. Meanwhile, I’ve been training with more clothes on (long sleeves tops) throughout my exercise and cardio session to keep my body temperature warm throughout each session. So far so good, I’ve been sweating heaps and this is coming from someone who doesn’t sweat easily.
  • Cutting out fruits and starchy vegetables as much as I can as a first step to reprogramming my body come shredding season. I’ve slowly reduce strawberries in my morning smoothies and is keeping only blueberries and banana in it. Soon, I’ll cut out blueberries to phase it out too.

ponikuta food

Cheat meals this week and then some…


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