Chapter 2 – Finding my feet

Date: 25th September
Weight: 51.9kg
Weeks out: 7 and a half months
Comp date: April 2017, TBC – ANB or INBA

ponikuta fitness

Last week’s exercise routine:

  • Back & Bis + Cardio 20 mins
  • Glutes & Quads + Cardio 20 mins
  • Bis & Abs + Cardio 20 mins
  • Hamstrings & Glutes + Cardio 20 mins
  • Shoulder & Tri

At the moment, I try to incorporate 3-4 cardio sessions a week with low intensity (below 130 bpm) cycling/elliptical. As per usual, I would also throw in foam rolling on the days I work on legs & glutes. This routine will probably be my routine plan for the next 4 weeks or so with a variety of supersets & dropsets.

This past week, I’ve been working on predominately supersets with a sole focus on moderate to heavy weights (aiming for some lean muscle growth). Key note to self that I’ve recently picked up is to ensure I have longer rest period between sets (2-5 minutes) for explosive sets.

atp science review

Supplements I am currently taking: 

  • AM –  Protein Powder + Casein (these are usually added to my morning smoothie)
  • AM – Green Vegetables
  • Pre workout – GAT /AMP-V
  • Post workout – Protein Powder + Casein
  • Before bed – Alpha Venus, Cort RX, Vitamin D

green vegetables supplement

Looks like I’m taking a lot of supplements but I actually don’t feel like it is a lot. These are what I am used to and I have been taking most of them for the past 12 months so this is what I am going to continue to do.

I don’t (and won’t) take any fat burners or any illegal supplements. My goal is to comp in 100% natural state. (FYI – I am not sponsored or recommending you to follow what I take. These are purely my documentation for myself.)

preworkout snack

Food intake: 

  • Breakfast: Smoothie (cottage cheese, banana, strawberries, blueberries, chia seed, green vegetable, protein powder + casein)
  • Snack: Dried edamame beans (lightly salted)
  • Lunch: Brown rice, spinach, kimchi + some form of protein (fish/chicken/beef/egg)
  • Snack: Peanut butter, banana & cinnamon on rice crackers
  • Dinner: Some form of protein + veges

When it comes to food, I am focusing on eating as much unprocessed, packaged food as possible. Of course, I’m still allowing cheat meals (aka eating out) 2-3 meals per week. My meals are however all macro counted. I’ve been doing this for almost a year now so it hasn’t been too much of a change for me there. It’s more about being well prepared and organised in advance.

cheat meal

Example of one of my cheat meal, you know you are dieting real hard when sushi is your cheat meal. I only ate half of what’s in the pic above, btw. 

Always keeping in mind that I have a balance of protein, carbs and fat is key to clean dieting. At the moment I am aiming for 45% P, 35% C & 20% F of a 1,800 calories diet.

Thinking of sticking with this routine for a couple of weeks before I start manipulating my diet.


Physique update: 

ponikuta week 1 ponikuta progress shot

I’ve only used an app to crop these pic out and not sure why it’s turn my pics grainy. 

Please excuse my morning, no make up, just woke up face. There are obviously not much of a big difference at the moment week on week. Apart from back to cleaning up my diet and upping my cardio session for me this past week, I haven’t done anything different much.

Pictures taken above were non-flex and is in my 100% natural state, so I can capture a true representation of my progress.


See you next week!


Read all about Chapter 1 here.


Moogoo Milk Shampoo & Cream Conditioner

A while back, I got sent some Moogoo products and out of the lot, I really enjoyed the Moogoo Milk Shampoo & Cream Conditioner. In fact, I’ve finished using both products and wanted to share my experience on them.

moogoo review

For those who are unaware, Moogoo is an Australian company that creates natural and gentle products with a strong emphasis on products made for cows and is great for us human beings too.

If you have itchy, sensitive and oily scalp, you might want to give the Moogoo Milk Shampoo (AUD$17.50) a go as the gentle formula is made out of coconut and glucose based cleansers that doesn’t further irritate or dry out hair. Highly recommend this for those who have scalp conditions and best of all, it doesn’t further make my hair look greasy and despite its gentle formula, it left me with hair that feels clean.

I then follow up with the Moogoo Cream Conditioner (AUD$17.50) to keep my hair soft, manageable and tangle free. This conditioner is silicone based and conditions hair with jojoba oil and milk protein to coat hair from further environmental stress in a natural way. Best of all, it smells like coconut too!


Ps, I may or may not have used the Moogoo Milk Shampoo on sillybelle a couple of times too when she ran out of her pet shampoo. Happy to report that she smells amazing after and have no issues with it.

It’s rare to find affordable hair care products that actually works on my sensitive and itch prone scalp. All in all I am happy to find an option that is close to home and won’t break my bank too.



Chapter 1 – Change

Date: 18th September
Weight: 51.5kg
Weeks out: 7 and a half months
Comp date: April 2017, TBC

For some time, I have contemplated how I will be writing this post; I don’t even know where to begin. Last week, I’ve made the decision to step on stage next year and I have spent all of last week planning, researching and reading up all about female bodybuilding competition – a subject that is completely foreign to me.

To be entirely honest, since I’ve taken up weightlifting and fitness seriously in all of 2015 – 2016; I have never thought about stepping on stage and whenever this topic comes up and people ask me about it; I would always laugh and shut it down. Me in a bikini, like seriously?

Having said that, the lifestyle change in the past 12 months have taught me heaps around discipline, determination, mental strength, focus, patience and self motivation around fitness and health. It also helped me to step out of my comfort zone and remind myself to never stop challenging myself. For the past couple of months, I have been finding it harder to find motivation to stick through to my usual routine.

Perhaps the lack of a goal was setting me back, perhaps I was looking for a new challenge and perhaps the thought of “I would never” became “what if” clicked in my mind. The decision I made last week will probably change my life forever but I am hopeful, excited and extremely nervous about the comp.

I have time on my hand to start prepping and I will utilise my blog as my virtual diary to keep track of my progress and to also serve as a small little channel to document all my mistakes, roadblocks, plateaus and success in my journey to stage.

At this stage, I am likely to enter bikini and novice division next year. I know there are heaps to prepare for and since I have just spent the last 2-3 weeks celebrating my birthday (that means cake, alcohol and lots of eating out!) so what’s a better way than to start my clean diet this week.

Next couple of weeks is all about getting my diet back on track, lift moderate to heavy weights and incorporate 2-3 low intensity cardio sessions per week at the gym.

Current physique update taken today, unfiltered.

ponikuta bodybuilding

womens physique



What I am currently watching

Doctors series

Doctors (Korean drama) – I haven’t been watching Korean dramas for years and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. It was refreshing in the sense that there wasn’t any typical love triangle drama, no one was trying to get anyone into trouble like the typical Kdrama would.


The Night Of (HBO) – I’ve just finished this 8 part series of a complex murder case with heavy political tones. This series is quite dark and kept us guessing throughout the series building up to its 90 mins finale. Highly recommended!


Stranger Things (Netflix) – Set in the 1980s, this Netflix series is the up and coming series that EVERYONE is talking about. So far so good and the first episode has totally hooked us in with quite a fast paced storyline. We are up to episode 3 and is loving it.

pablo escobar

Narcos (Netflix) – This series depicts the infamous Medellin drug cartel – Pablo Escobar. It is a very interesting series for one of the biggest kingpin in history. Season 2 is out and I can’t wait to catch up to it.




I’ve been an avid fan of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for a good 12 years (and counting!). Throughout the years I’ve raved about how it is probably my secret to good skin and to prevent premature ageing.

Today, I would like to review two other SK-II skincare products that comes in the oil formula but still contains SK-II’s winning formula – Pitera.

When it comes to good skin care, cleansed skin is key to fully benefit from the skin care products that comes after. Hence, ever since I’ve been introduced to oil cleansers, I’ve never looked back. I am very particular with my cleansing oils, I hate the ones that either leaves my skin feeling greasy, too much fragrance, doesn’t rinse off properly, etc.

SKII Skincare

The SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil however, works just right for me. The FT Cleansing Oil deep cleanses my skin and removes dirt, makeup and grime off my face with just a few pump onto dry hands and dry face. A quick massage all over my face/neck and emulsify with some water and it rinses off fairly easily too.

I particularly love the pump bottle packaging and understated scent that makes cleansing my skin a much looked forward event each night of the day.

I then include the SK-II Facial Treatment Oil as my next step prior to Facial Treatment Essence. The Facial Treatment Oil is a fairly new inclusion to the SK-II skincare range. All you need to do is shake well until the two layers (oils & pitera) are mixed evenly. Approximately 5-7 drops on the palm and gently massage all over face and neck area.

The glass bottle packaging also comes with a no mess spout hence making the handling of the oil a mess free experience and more importantly the bottle doesn’t leak of oil either! Hate that when that happens to oil based products.

If needed, the Facial Treatment Oil can be added into the moisturising cream step for a more infused experience.

Overall, I can’t rave about my experiences with oil based skincare products enough. Not only do they keep my skin well moisturised for a longer period of time, it adds radiance and glow to skin. They are often gentle enough to suit most skin types (unless if you have allergy to oil, then please check prior to using them) and provides a soothing effect to skin.


SK-II Facial Treament Cleansing Oil RRP AUD$90 (250ml)
SK-II Facial Treament Oil RRP AUD$185 (50ml)
Available in SK-II counters now 


Matrix Style Link Mineral Airy Builder

I love a good mousse in the form of dessert as well as in the form of hair mousse.


Recently, I got to trial the Matrix Style Link Mineral Airy Builder. This dry texture foam is designed to add volume to hair from roots to tips without adding weight to hair or leaving it greasy looking.

Always start with freshly shampooed and towel dried hair.


Squeeze some of the super lightweight mousse onto your palm and massage from roots to tips for full volume. Be sure to go through sections by sections as you go.

Matrix airy builder

Add more if needed for the extra grit. Specially great for those who have fine, limp hair. Once applied all over hair, comb through and finger blowdry.

matrix mousse

I use the Style Link Mineral Airy Builder daily and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry or crunchy once blow dried. The finish adds body to my fine hair and it leaves my hair looking soft, shiny and healthy too.

Best of all, it doesn’t leave my oily hair looking or feeling greasy at all.

I highly recommend this for those who are looking for an extra oomph/body to their daily hair styling routine.


Magic Brows by Benefit Cosmetics


Magically transforming brows since 1976, Benefit Cosmetics recently launched a comprehensive and foolproof collection of brow products featuring 9 products to solve all types of brow dilemmas.

When I used to think of Benefit Cosmetics circa 2006, I think about blushes (liquid blush!), bronzers, highlighters (moon beam!) and it has come a long way to evolve its brand to align with the brow category.


Noticeably, they have bolstered up their brow service counters across departmental stores throughout the years and have now redesigned their packaging with a huge range of brow products to choose from. Be it skimpy brows, patchy brows, barely there brows, there’s a product for you in Benefit Cosmetics counter.

benefit magic brows

Below are the products I got to trial out and I am reviewing them in the order of my own preferences.

  • ka-BROW! (6 shades, RRP AUD42) – My favourite of the lot, this cream-gel brow color comes with a built in brush. The cream gel is a rich creamy application that is buildable and finishes with a softer look in comparison with pencils. Best of all, it is water proof!
  • gimme brow (3 shades, RRP AUD$39) – A brow volumizing fiber gel for thicker brow look. This is especially great for thin, skimpy brows. I use this to comb and finish off my brows after ka-Brow! It has a mess proof applicator and a tiny precision tip for shaping, tames and tint brows to specific tricky angles.
  • goof proof brow pencil (6 shades, RRP AUD$42) – Perfect for those who need to fill in a fuller brow, this will give you the brows you don’t have.
  • BROWVO! conditioning primer (RRP AUD$49) – Nutrient-rich primer for fuller-looking brows, use this to prime your brows before starting. As I have quite bush brows, I find that I don’t really have a need for this unless if I’ve woken up to wonky brows (YES THIS IS POSSIBLE WITH BUSHY BROWS) and you need to tame it into place, this is great for it.

benefit brows

#MagicBrows – used ka-BROW! + gimme brow.

Overall, I like the new packaging from Benefit brow products, the product packaging are very “un Benefit” like and they remind me of the Japanese brand Majolica Majorca. All of the brow products are both functional and compact designed with consumer ease of use in mind.

Most products comes with a minimum of 3 to 6 shades, there truly is a product for everyone’s needs and hair colour.

Available now in Benefit counters 


Dyson SuperSonic Hairdryer Review

dyson hairdryer review

Back in April, Dyson announced that they were launching a hairdryer.

supersonic hairdryer

Yes! A hair dryer from Dyson, the very same company that revolutionized vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, fan, heater, to name a few.

dyson hairdryer review

I’ve been a long-time advocate of Dyson household appliances and hands down is obsessed with their wireless hand held vacuum cleaner. I use it for my 2 bedroom apartment, my car, on my furniture and it has changed my perception with your traditional vacuum cleaners and the boring house cleaning chore.

Anyway, I digress.


Today, I will be reviewing the brand new Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. It retails for AUD$699 which is significantly more expensive than the standard price range of top hairdryers in the current market which sits within the $150-$200 range.

dyson supersonic

But then again, so is their vacuum cleaners in comparison to what’s in the market and there are hands down the best I have used. Any pet owners will agree with me on this.

Before I start with my review, here is a quick rundown of my current hair situation.

  • I wash my hair on a daily basis – because I work out 5-6 days a week and I sweat a lot.
  • I have oily scalp, no amount of dry shampoo can help and I just love the clean and fresh feel after a hair wash.
  • I used to have ’longer than waist long’ hair but now have mid length hair that ends in front of my chest.
  • I usually wash my hair late at night after my workouts hence it is important to completely dry my hair before bed so I won’t make up with knotted, frizzy hair.

dyson blowdry

How Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer has won me over with just over a week of use:  

  • It is lightweight, no matter what position you hold it in, it doesn’t feel heavy and my arms/shoulders certainly didn’t feel sore.
  • It more than halved the time for a traditional hairdryer to dry my hair vs Dyson Supersonic, thanks to its high velocity airflow technology. It takes Dyson to dry my hair from roots to ends in 3 minutes and 18 seconds and it takes my traditional hair dryer 7 minutes and 49 seconds to do the same.
  • It doesn’t burn my scalp even if I were to hold the hairdryer in the same position with maximum power and heat directed to my scalp.
  • Even with the highest heat + power, it doesn’t feel ‘hot’. With the controlled temperature, my hair finishes with a glorious shine, every single time when I blow dry!
  • I could still maintain a conversation whilst blow drying my hair, there is still noise but noticeably quieter than traditional hairdryer.
  • At just 0.62kg, this is perfect for even on-the-go and travelling use as it is compact enough in weight and in design.
  • Comes with 3 magnetic attachments (Smoothing nozzle, Styling concentrator & Diffuser) for quick styling purposes. I personally uses the hairdryer without any attachment for a quick once-over blow dry and finish off with the smoothing nozzle mostly around the crown and fringe area.

Who I think won’t give in to this:

  • Price point – before understanding the technology and years of research put behind this hair dryer unfortunately, there will always be those people who will just say it’s “too expensive for a hair dryer and that they can’t justify paying for it”.
  • People who wash their hair once a week simply because they won’t get the best ROI.
  • People who have all the time in the world and don’t mind a heavy hairdryer.
  • People with short, short hair.

Last but not least, let’s be honest this is a really cool piece of technology driven beauty/home product that will last a very long time and will serve me a very long time to come (as Dyson products always do for me). The design is unique, revolutionary and most importantly beautiful to look at and to currently sits proudly on my dressing table.

dyson supersonic review

Please excuse my dirty mirror, this was finger blow dry with Dyson Supersonic hairdryer and look at the shiny and smooth finish. 

If you wash your hair everyday and have long hair, you will know how I struggled in the past just to dry my hair during winter in Melbourne. Let’s just say those will be distant memories from the past in no time!

RRP AUD$699 
Available in Myer, David Jones and


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