Spa time

I believe in treating yourself good. Get yourself spa treatment, indulge yourself in bubble bath everyday (if possible), get a massage every once in a while, have eye lash perming, manicure and pedicure. It never fails to give yourself that ‘boost’ everytime I do any of the above. Believe me, you’ll feel 100% a better person and it builds up your confidence. Being spoilt = Being loved.

Boy, now i’m so into this bubble bath thing, I turned myself into a prune daily in order to soak up all the banana, vanilla, rose and jasmine scent. Best if you could get yourself a bottle of Tropical Fruit Juice Cocktail and more scented Rose and Vanilla candles and keep it burning all night long. I strongly believe that there’s no such thing as spoiling yourself too much. In fact, the more i pamper myself, i better i sleep like a baby at night. That’s just all good. Life’s full of roses, vanilla and bananas for Val.

A Happy Life = French Vanilla Ice Cream + Rose Scented Candle + Bubble Bath + Lickable Sinful Body Butter + Tropical Fruit Juice.

I wish I could lead a happy life like that for the rest of my days….


Haters will always hate

Let them hate, so long as they fear.

Yes, hatred is forever interlinked with the feeling of fear. For them who hate, shall tremble in fear as they march down the lane of FLL. Hijo de mil putas, besame el culo !! I would have like to insult you, but the sad truth is that you wouldn’t understand me. Therefore, one sentence for you out there, ” Your verbosity is exceeded only by your total stupidity.”


Happy Birthday Grandpa



It’s 3:33am here in a not-so-cold Melbourne night. Yes, I’m not sleeping because I’m missing ELISSA already. Gosh, she’ve done it again, came and gone like a gust of wind. I spent the most happiest day in my life in Melbourne to date. Seeing her itself got me butterflies in my stomach. As I see her coming up from the escalator of Hyatt, I almost burst into tears. Bet I looked pathetic. She’s becoming prettier each time I see her; God is so unfair to certain people. We hugged and we chatted the night away. Damn, she was so pretty even the Japanese crews wanted to do an interview with her filming the “Most Beautiful Girls Around the World” right outside of F4. We had a great time dancing the night away and even better when we try to talk ourselves to bed back in the hotel. We had the shortest time together being as bestie and yet we cherished every single moment we had back in college. Now that we’ve grown apart, we just picked up where we left off and things are getting better each time I meet up with her. Yes, I’d admit it, I adore her for being my best friend and guiding my life once in a while with her super-influential talks. Although I might see her once a year and a half, or I only get to see her for that couple of hours, but I know that we’ve marked a place in each other’s heart, and only us and no one else can understand that kind of bond that we shared. Life is unfair to certain people but Elissa thought me to not to take life for granted.

Now that she’s on her 8 hours flight flying back to Singapore, I wish her best of luck and with all my heart, I’ll do whatever it takes to help her if she ever needed my help. She’s one person I would never turn down of and the one person whom I’ll never neglect in my life. Ever.


Wisdom Words from the Blogging Bitches

-Wisdom Words from the Blogging Bitches-

“I believe in telling the truth. So much so that some people consider it a fault of mine. Yep. For all the world’s claim to want nothing more than honesty from their friends and lovers, I have been told more than once that I am too truthful. I’ve been told I should color the truth, soften it if nothing else. I’m sorry. I cannot do it. I will not do it. And because of this, the people who get to know me well will eventually consider me a bitch. So be it then. I am a bitch, and I’m fucking proud of it.”

Well, that definitely spells out Val’s annoying characteristics. But I still think that it is downright stupid and shameless to call yourself a ‘Bitch’. That’s of course for some people who would prefer to call themselves bitches and sluts, so be it. It amazes me that there’s even Anti-social Bitch Club, Bitch Goddess Ring, Sassy Bitch, lurking around in the numerous Blog rings. What on earth are these people thinking when they were stamping the word ‘B I T C H’ on thier face in block letters and being so proud of themselve? I just don’t get it.

Be a Bitch; but don’t name yourself one -Val.


The Best is Yet to Come

The Best is Yet to Come….

If we live by that line, don’t we all automatically become optimistics? Well, Val is becoming an optimist who believes in just about everything will eventually turn good. Yesterday night, I must admit it was a great place with all sorts of handsome guys and awful dorks lurking around. (Remember everything is about balance.) However, it turned out to be a fairly enjoyable night. Can you imagine liquors being served in plastic cups? What the hell is wrong with the people there? And I wasn’t able to meet up with my friends. The crowd is definately annoying. Needless to say, I was not drunk. But hell, it was far better than ‘evolution’, last Friday. At least, I danced the night away until I get blisters around my toes. (pain) Yes, when you think of the clubs couldn’t be any better, when you seriously consider about quitting clubbing already and the ‘best is yet to come’ miracle happened!! ELISSA from Singapore my best friend, is touching down in Melbourne tomorrow and I’ll be staying with her in Hyatt tomorrow. Just a day notice. She’ll be bringing stuff for me from Singapore as well, I couldn’t explain anymore happier I am right now. I’ll go shopping crazy with her tomorrow. Gosh, hopefully she’ll introduce me some handsome pilot loaded with $$$. domain name test . That’ll be the next ‘the best is yet to come’ miracle happen to me. (Just Daydreaming)

Guess, I’ll go and get my hour long bubble bath and wait for more miracles to happen. In the mean time, I’m thinking seriously hard does faith leads us to love and to lost love.. That’s something I really need to ponder now… Plus when you found love, how do you know it? Last but not least, I’ve tried and tired about the fact that there’s no way you can get rid of love. Now, only God knows what I’m saying…


Mad About Melbourne

Mad About Melbourne (Prt 1)

Back in Malaysia, I’ve always came across the phrase “Mad About Melbourne”. Honestly, i would be thinking, what degree of madness could a person be in a city when most of the shops closes at 5pm. But man, did i realise Melbourne is not only about shopping. Its about entertaintment full time. The CBD and Southgate itself is glorious. Not to forget there’s numerous unique and eclectic shops hidden behind back lanes and alleys, those are the treasure trove for all the cravers for vintage and all things funky. As for Val, no doubt she’ll be lurking around Collins Street in search for true elegance. *Pss, here is the best place to satisfy your haute couture cravings.*

In Little Collins Street, I found my true love – Alannah Hill. I seriously doubt that anyone could resist her retro collections of flower-printed frocks and lacy spaghetti tops. Kookai is another shop i would like to “pay” it a visit soon again. They’ve fantastic wrap jackets and great clubbing gears. Alright, enough of my retail therapy.

Another reason for me to get Mad about Melbourne is simply because they have LUSH! From thier ‘Naked Lady’ Dusting Powder range to thier almost edible Massage bars as well as thier Bubble bath slices and Bath Ballistics.. i tell you, i’ll melt in that shop. What’s more, thier prices are freaking affordable and irresistable. what is a proxy server Enough said already, i promise myself i’ll go back these this week, ok! After tomorrow’s hangover i’ll get a full tub of Hollywood Bubble Bar…

No, Melbourne is not only about Shopping, shopping and shopping. True shopping is about finding pieces to add in your ideal wardrobe. Melbourne is also about relaxing, leading life your way and not any other ways. Relaxing = Bubble Bath (Best with HOT MILK Bubble Bar) De-stressing, finding your core with yoga and sipping endless devilicious Hot Chocolate in one too many chilly nights of Melbourne. Once in a while I would indulge myself with Banana Split outdoor in Lygon Street with the temperature of 15C. That’s a piece of Val’s life for you.




Easter Holiday is all about fun fun fun and getting yourself drunk over and over again. Hangover is never fun, right *kevin* or perhaps put it in another way, food poisioning. My point of view, holiday is all about sins, getting drunk and shout your lungs. I woke up late today, Kevin was out. Crystal desperate as usual wants infinite hugs from me. I was good yesterday, i did not drink. But i got myself intoxicated with numerous chat with that ‘someone’. web archive A few days back, i sinned against my mom. I lose control and got myself bags full of clothes. I hope she does not discover that til the end of the month with her credit card bills. Today, i’m looking forward to ‘Reclaim’ a reknown annual big ass party held in 3 of the famous clubs in Crown Entertainment Centre. Asians, get your ass ready to party the night away. Booze, dance and go crazy. I can’t wait for the day to turn dark. Hopefully we can make it to the recovery session at 12 noon. I’ll be seeing alot of familiar faces and that’s fantastic.. craving for spanish donut now…