My ICN Bikini Comp Day Results

I can’t believe I am almost 2 months late on this post. With my focus geared towards my competition on 7th May 2017, I was dialling down on my social life and side projects (including this blog).

Approximately one week out of comp

Comp day was on a Sunday and I took Friday off work as I had to get my first layer of tan in and second layer on Saturday. I was positively looking approximately 10 shades darker and also experience my first tanning experience EVER.

Spot the Kmart earrings

I decided to go with just an airbrushed make up option and left my hair naturally straight as advised by my coach. We got to the venue nice and early and had time to settle down and hung out for abit. Unfortunately as I started to get change, one of my earrings from Lovisa fell out and cracked apart upon impact on the tiles. After a mini nervous breakdown and pretty much scrambling for help from strangers to see if anyone had a spare pair of earrings to boring, I couldn’t find one. Thank goodness for Kmart next door and I tasked bae to run and buy me a pair.

With the last minute fumbling, I didn’t get to pump up/practice posing backstage as much as I would have liked. I remember when the organisers were calling for the ladies to line up to go towards backstage, I was still flustered. Standing in line backstage, I remember having a quick glimpse for the very first time who my competitors were.

I had an overwhelming feeling of inferiority running through my mind when the view I was taking in were gorgeous looking girls, blonde hair, greats bosoms and amazing physiques. Everyone else looked so well put together and they all looked like they knew what they were doing. Meanwhile, I was feeling so under prepared and was silently cursing myself for not better planning my backstage strategy out.

The moment I stepped on stage, it all went on with auto-pilot mode. I was doing things I shouldn’t be doing and I wasn’t doing the things I’ve been telling myself to do. All in all, I guess this is what competition is like, the pressure, stress, stage fright and all is what part of competition day.

Out of a line up of 14 girls, I placed 3rd in both bikini categories – First Timer and Novice. Proudly representing the only non blonde in the top 5 for ICN Victoria Bikini Novice.

I went into the competition aiming for first place but is super happy that I’ve placed top 3 in both divisions regardless. It was a tough competition and I truly enjoyed the whole process from prepping up until the moment I walk off the stage. The whole journey has been life changing and I have walked away with so much knowledge and so much more to learn in every aspect of things.

Whilst I do not see myself competing anytime soon or becoming a comp junkie, I don’t reject the idea of competing again in the future.

16 weeks of prep


Medik8 White Balance Cleanse

Doubled as a cleanser and micro-exfoliator, the Medik8 White Balance Cleanse is designed to give skin that deep cleanse for brighter, refined and smoother skin finish.

Infused with potent key active ingredients (Oxy-R – Oxyresveratrol) and combined with micro-fine bamboo particles and volcanic perlite, this cleanser saves you time from having to do both cleansing and exfoliating steps.

What I like about it:

  • Unique powder texture that transforms into light foam when water is added to it
  • The flexibility to adapt the amount of powder to suit a daily gentle exfoliation or weekly deeper exfoliation
  • Appearance of pigmentation is reduced, balance out uneven skin tone and reduce blotchiness from dryness around skin
  • Overtime, with consistent use of this cleanser, it helps to inhibite tyrosinase activity and the production of melanin to prevent premature ageing
  • Suitable for all skin types and even those with pigmentation and sun damaged skin

Just add a level teaspoon amount of powder onto palm and mix with a few drops of warm water and rub hands together to activate powder to create a creamy texture and cleanse away. The only downside is that this cleanser is probably not suited to be use in shower as dry hands are required to handle and to mix with this cleanser.

Otherwise, if you want baby smooth and refined skin, this cleanser delivers just that!

Available in


Weighing scale, for the longest time I don’t use one because let’s face it; weighing scale is not the best way to track your ‘health’. Especially with females, our weight fluctuates so much from eating badly, time of month and so on.

I’ve always relied on tracking my body fat to see how I am doing with my fitness progress.

Say hello to Weight Watchers’ innovative Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale, this easy to use scale connects to smartphones/tablets via Bluetooth technology and saves data straight into your phone.

What I like about this scale:

  • It’s an all-rounder in-depth health analysis tool that tracks everything from weight, body fat %, body water, bone mass, muscle mass breakdown and BMI calculation
  • Switches on with a light tap with my feet and off it goes
  • Super easy to wirelessly sync the data from scale to my phone to track my progress daily
  • If you are a Weight Watchers member, this can connect with your app too
  • Compatible with Apple® Health or Google Fit® and allow all your favourite apps like MapMyFitness, Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal access your data


Who would love it:

  • If you are training – building strength/stamina, this will be perfect to help keep tabs of your health & fitness goals
  • Pregnant – great to track how you and bubba are growing and because it syncs data straight into your phone, you don’t even need to stress about the numbers on the scale when your belly is blocking your view
  • Post baby – track how you are progressing to get back in shape


RRP AUD$ 129.95
Available via Weight Watchers website/ Harvey Normans


It’s been awhile…

The last fitness update was back in January!!

To fill in the gaps, here’s a mini update. I took a short one week vacation to Bali in February, spent Valentine’s Day and my partner’s birthday there. During the trip, I stayed relatively close to my keto diet and also continued to get my workout in and cardio sessions as much as I could.

Post trip, surprisingly I didn’t gain/lost weight so I was pretty happy with that. I’ve been in ketosis for a good 2 and a half months and I have to say the diet has been easy on me and I had heaps of energy and no cravings due to the high fat content diet.

Last week, I was meant to start my high protein low fat and no carbs diet. However, due to a medical condition, my progress was set back a little. As a result of hospital stay, it messed with my diet and I only managed half of the workout routines I’m meant to do that week.

Having said that, I’m back on track this week and is more determined than ever to see through this comp. I have to admit it hasn’t been in smooth and pain free journey but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

Chat soon!


Pod & Parcel: Home coffee with a twist

Pic source: Lydi Out Loud

Let’s face it, coffee is life. When in Melbourne, coffee is religion.

For many of us, we have a coffee machine at home because God forbid us to start the day without a cuppa. I myself have a Nespresso® at home and for the longest time I’ve only drank from Nespresso® pods at home as I ain’t going down the route to grind coffee beans; that is until recently.

Pic source: HonestlyYum

Through a friend, I discovered Pod & Parcel. It’s a Melbourne based company that partners with Melbourne’s specialty roasters to bring us Nespresso® compatible eco-friendly coffee pods. Think Padre, Code Black, Common Ground, each coffee is as unique as they come and may I add a total GAMECHANGER to my at home coffee experience?

I don’t think I can go back to Nespresso® pods now that I’ve tasted the ones from Pod & Parcel. Call me a coffee snob, but why have sub par quality at home when you can have cafe quality coffee?

Be sure to run a couple of empty runs through the machine prior to enjoying your coffee to get rid of any coffee residues in the machine. Enjoy!

To purchase: Pod & Parcel website


Comp prep update 22th Jan

Today is Day 18 of my new diet, here are some of my progress so far:

  • Lost 3.5kg to date
  • I’ve stayed in ketosis for a good 18 days straight with no cravings for sugar or carbs (unbelievable!)
  • Once I got over the keto flu state, I literally feel heaps of energy everyday without the need for pre-workout to get me to the gym.
  • As I am in shredding mode, my strength for weightlifting have certainly decreased. I’m happy to maintain my muscles mass at the moment through so focus is still on moderate weight with higher reps.
  • Between my last update, I’ve went to my group posing class feeling nervous. I didn’t know what was happening half of the time and I needed to youtube quite a fair bit of videos to refresh my memory. Posing on 5 inch heels certainly isn’t an easy feat.
  • Next week, I’ll have an appointment for my custom bikini and I can’t wait for it to all go down. Still thinking of which colour I should pick for my suit and I’m keeping that in the down low at the moment.
  • I’ve also received a weighing scale this week and review this shortly. It helps to breakdown body fat, muscle mass ratio tracking and is able to sync all data into my mobile phone.
  • Oh and I trained abs yesterday, first time in approximately a month. It is sore today and I intend to start reintroducing abs exercise into my routine again. No more excuses.



Hello 2017

I am back from my mini hiatus and will be resuming my fitness journey here on my blog.

Whilst I was away, I have kept my diet somewhat clean and have continued lifting heavy and keeping up with my cardio sessions. I’ve also kept on eating healthy throughout Christmas and New Years. All that hot weather helped with suppressing my appetite too.

So what have I been up to since the New Year:

  • 3rd January – Had my initial catch up with my comp prep coach. We’ve discussed and decided it is best for me to start my prep with ketogenic diet with plans to transition into cyclical ketogenic diet in the next couple of weeks.
  • Long story short, it means I will be cutting all forms of carbs and sugar out of my diet. I am on a 80% fat and 20% protein diet at the moment. I am also fasting between by last meal and the first meal of the day for 16 hours daily.
  • 10th January – Today is Day 7 of keto diet (started on the 4th Jan – 22% body fat) and I have lost 2.8kg thus far. I believe most of the weight I’ve lost are water weight and my goal is to lose 1% body fat a week.
  • I’ve been reading up heaps about keto diet (something I’ve previously researched about a year ago) and surprisingly find that a diet without carbs and sugar ain’t all that bad. Due to the high fat content I’m consuming, I find that my skin is slightly oilier and my cuticle are well moisturised and my nails are growing quicker. Hopefully my hair would grow out quicker too.
  • I got into ketosis within 24 hours of starting of the diet (usually takes 3 days) and surprisingly managed to stay in ketosis mode for the past 7 days. I’ve been tracking my ketosis readings via keto-stix that can be easily found in pharmacies.
  • Along with being in ketosis; I experience keto flu about day 3 into keto diet, it lasted about 2-3 days and I now have energy to last the day without feeling sleepy/tired/lethargic.
  • I do however noticed that I have been weaker at the gym. I have only been able to lift 80% of my usual weight. Right now as my body is transitioning into the new diet and burning fat as a source of energy instead of the usual glucose, my routine is focusing on less rest in between sets and focusing in moderate weight + higher rep sets.
  • With the new diet, I’m also currently laying off most of my usual supplement except for the super greens and creatine only.
  • I’ve got my first INBA posing class booked in next week and I can’t wait to get amongst it.
  • My comp heels are ready and itching for some training.

All in all, I am hopeful with what I am capable of bringing on stage and can’t wait for May 2017, it’ll be a life changing month for me.


Dermalogica Facial & My current fav products

Recently I had an amazing personalised skin treatment at Dermalogica counter David Jones Bourke St, Melbourne. Basically, if you head to the store to purchase a gift, stock up on your Dermalogica supplies and spend above a certain amount, you’ll be able to qualify for a FREE facial.

Of which, you’ll get access to professional strength Dermalogica skincare products and if you were lucky like me, you’ll get the magic hands of Jo who managed to put me into a deep sleep despite us being in the middle of a buzzing shopping centre.


While you are there, do check out Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex (RRP AUD$94.50, 15ml) from their Age Smart range. It’s my current go-to eye cream and I am definitely pro eye cream as I do believe in giving that little bit of extra care for the eye area.

This one has retinol microspheres that reduces visible dark circles, improves hydration and smoothes away signs of ageing. Especially good when you are looking to prevent first sign of ageing.


Additionally, there’s also a newly launched face oil – Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil (RRP AUD$120, 30ml). This facial oil is feather light and absorbs into the skin rapidly. It forms a layer of protective shield all over face and neck area to help restore , smooth and lock in hydration. Perfect for daily use on normal to dry skin.