There will come a day, you will notice skincare is not able to deliver you the results that you desire for your skin. With the advancement of technology (bless them scientists!), there’s almost a cure for all skin concern like acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, veins, enlarged pores, scarring, sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of facial muscle volume, etc.

To approach this topic, it is actually something very close to heart. Since young, I suffered a serious case of oily skin, acne, blackheads, discolouration and scarring issues. Throughout the years, I’ve tried and tested heaps of skincare products to control this. Clearly, I didn’t grow up feeling confident about my appearance and certainly was not the ‘pretty‘ sister. (My sister is blessed with porcelain fair skin with no breakouts!)

When I was 18, I went through sessions of peels, IPLs, microdermabrasions, epidermis leveling, contraceptive pills and dermatologist prescribed skincare to improve the look of my skin texture and skin tone.

Throughout the years of experimenting and finding out the bests products to use, I find staying out of the sun is great for acne sufferers so you don’t get scarring issues. Along with age, acne breakouts actually reduces over time. In fact, even if you have no acne issues, staying out of the sun is probably the best inexpensive advice any dermatologist can ever give you.


Recently, I have been doing heaps of research, reading up about all these facial treatments to improve skin texture and thanks to a good friend who works in a local skin clinic (word on the streets is local celebrities frequents this clinic, hello gossip!), I get to know how and what types of treatments are readily available in Australia that are totally non-invasive too.


  1. Fraxel
    • It’s like a laser treatment that works best on seriously scarred/wrinkled skin
    • If you don’t have heaps skin issue, this is recommended to do once a year to reduce the ‘tired’ or ‘dull’ look
    • Instantly refreshes your look by improves skin tone and texture from sun spots/brown spots
    • Improves acne scars and reduces wrinkles around the eyes
  2. Intense Pulse Lightning Treatment
    • Just like the IPL hair remover treatment this is a different wave length that targets the problems in deeper skin layer
    • Evens out pigmentation, freckles, acne scars and sun spots
    • Reduces redness on face
    • Also great for neck/hand/body
  3. Botox
    • We know botox is great for fine lines and wrinkles but did you know you can use it to do many other things too?
    • Botox is only workable when used on facial/body muscles
    • For example you can use it for excessive sweat glands, changing facial shape (by shrinking the muscles in your jaws) and even reducing over masculine calves (crazy I know!)
  4. Hyaluronic Acid Filler
    • To increase facial muscle volume (eg: lack or muscle volume on the chin, the cheeks or the bridge of the nose)
    • A very popular treatment in Asia, using Hyaluronic fillers to increase the height of the nose bridge. Also double as an alternative to rhinoplasty, cheaper in cost, no down time and no surgery wound to worry about. In any case if results are not desired, there’s room to change without having to undergo surgery.(Just got this done so will blog about it soon)

Of course, there are many other treatments that are available in the market but the above four are the ones that I’ve personally seen results from hence my personal opinion on them, out of the four I have only tried the IPL treatments and Hyaluronic Acid Filler will definitely write an update with other treatments like peels, microdermabrations, etc.

In addition. here are a few very interesting articles to read if you’re keen to read about more non invasive facial treatments:

  • Dermal Fillers: Do’s and Dont’s
  • Laser & Rejuvenation by Sadick Dermatology (they also have a large resourceful section for treatment descriptions)
  • Younger You, a sister site of PRIMPED and is a good source for local clinics/surgeons

Have you tried any facial treatments?
If so, keen to share your story, tips?