It’s been a month since I have had dermal filler to enhance my nose.. I have previously blogged about this particular non invasive facial treatment here. Today, I’m going to post some long awaited pictures and my personal experience as promised.

The process:

  • Initial Consultation. My plastic surgeon (Dr. Ian) and I discuss about my concern, what I’m interested in doing and what I want to achieve out of it. This step is very important to ask all the right questions to ensure both of you are on the same page. Some pictures were taken during this consultation for him to analyze. I think it is best to discuss about the cost at this stage too. Consultation usually should be free.
  • A really and professional plastic surgeon would also provides free saline water test prior to the actual procedure. This is to let you have a look at how the end result would be like. Saline test usually only last for 3-4 hours. No down time.
  • A date is booked for the real thing and the whole procedure lasted less than 10 minutes.
  • First there was a few local anesthetic were injected on the cheeks  near the nose area.
  • Once that’s settled in, Dr Ian inserted a needle from the tip of  my nose all the way into the area between my eyes. To be honest, this hurt* a little, as you will be able to feel a needle going all the way into your nose bridge.
  • When the needle gets to the top of the nose bridge, Dr Ian warned that there would be some uncomfortable sensation and my was it UNCOMFORTABLE** when he injected the Restylane Sub Q liquid into my nose bridge. (Sub Q usually last for 2-3 years.)
  • Immediately, I could feel liquid injected into my nose bridge and felt my skin was very tight around that area. It was quite an unusual sensation. Dr Ian works very quickly to shape and mold my nose into desired position by pressing/pinching/pushing my nose much like how when we were a kid we’d play with our Play Doh!
  • He did the same for the tip of my nose to balance out my nose with my new found nose bridge.
  • Next thing you know it, the whole procedure is over and done with all too quickly. A few more pictures were taken for the after shot and I was done. In case you are wondering, I went to work after the procedure.
  • I was told to go back in a month’s (next Monday) time for a mini consultation and potentially a top up two months after the procedure. This process is creating a tunnel/base for my nose to build a more defined nose.


This is my inflamed nose 9 hours after the procedure.
Inflammation was expected and would reduce in swelling within days.
My nose was sore for roughly a week and was tender to touch for around two weeks.
I sneezed the day after the procedure and is happy to report it didn’t hurt a single bit at all.
If you look closely (feel free to click on the pic), you would be able to see the needle scar at the tip of my nose.


This is taken 2 weeks after the procedure after the swelling and soreness has gone away.
You can see how the nose bridge is more defined.



And here’s the mandatory before and after pictures.
Overall, I am very happy with the results and can’t wait for my top up in just a month away. Can’t believe it’s been a month already. As for every thing in life there’s always cons. I will be honest with you and here are some of the things that needs to be factor in when doing procedures as such:
  • After the procedure, no glasses/sunnies for 2-3 weeks
  • As my skin was stretch in the nose area, I find my pores were more visible and blackheads are more apparent (as you can clearly see in the after picture)
  • I’ve also found my T-zone area bit more oilier than usual
  • The combination of stretched pores, blackheads and oily T-zone made it very hard for makeup to stay in place and whenever cream/powder based foundation was used, it seemed to amplify my problem area. I am still working on this to rectify this issue.
  • Can be quite costly
Some of the tips I would recommend anyone to get any dermal filler done is to always question yourself if this is something you really want to get done, do your research and always make sure you are fully aware of what you’re getting yourself into.


* I can withstand 6 hours of tattoo session but a needle near the face is a whole different level of mixed reaction induced pain. It was part pain, part uncomfortable and part fear. I have no fear for needles but needles anywhere near the face is definitely a little intimidating.

** Due to Sub Q being one of the largest gel based filler (typically used to refine and define facial contour) a larger needle is required for deeper skin layer injection hence more pain associated with it.

Like I’ve mentioned previously, fillers are not only for anti-ageing purposes. You can use it to enhance and correct your facial features too.

Wet cotton buds will be your best friend for a week or two to cleanse the inside of your nose.

None of the pictures in this post was photoshopped, only thing was done to the pictures was cropping.

The clinic where I got it done was Erase at Malvern.