The moment I hit 25 years old, everything started to hit downhill in terms of physically and mentally. From my figure, used-to-be fast metabolism, my skin recovery time, my memory, hang over recovery time, my stamina, so on and so forth.

Then, one day it hit me. No matter how many products I use or how expensive the lotions and potions were, I constantly looked tired. It wasn’t the sleep because I was getting ample of shut eye and certainly hasn’t slack with my skincare routine, after all there are only so much skincare products can do. Then, there is the dullness and lacklustre skin tone, ah the list goes on! The way I see it is that all forms of treatments and skincare products is the way to maintain our youthful look.

So before you jump the gun and plunge yourself into botox, fillers, face lift, plastic surgery and what not; there’s an alternative to rejuvenating and reversing the signs of ageing – it’s call Thermage. A concise and measured treatment (FDA cleared) to reawake skin, delivering a fresher, tighter, youthful look without having the need to go under the knife.


After one treatment of Thermage, notice the effect it has on her skin? Overall, she looks fresher and 5 years younger! 


While you can do all your scientific research about Thermage but long story short, Thermage uses radio frequency to destroy saggy and ageing collagen under the epidermis layer and whips the skin into mass producing new layers of collagen which in return gives the lifted, face tightening effect.


What does Thermage involve?


A thorough consultation to evaluate if this is the right treatment for you. Then, a quick cleanse of the face and a wipe down with pure alcohol. Next, a grid is transferred to the face (much like your paper tattoo) with alcohol for shots accuracy. Each patient receives a unique Thermage device head that can only be used once and each device head contains 900 shots. This is where a skilled practitioner will work out how many shots (kinda like a maths fomula) are required to not only both sides of the face & neck but also what is needed on vector* points for that additional boost.

My individual Thermage device head


Is Thermage painful?


Yes, imagine cigarette burns to the face minus the actual burn but the pain. It didn’t hurt throughout my entire session but when they do, I was so close to swearing out loud. The only way I could get through the session was focusing on my breathing and think positively with the motto “no pain no gain”. The new generation Thermage CPT machine comes with a vibrating head to help soften the blow and I have to admit it only hurts in certain points (areas with less fat and is closer to the bone mass) not the entire face area.

I do know in Asia, doctors often put their patients to sleep for Thermage due to the discomfort of the treatment can cause to some. Here in Australia; they encourage patient to be awake so they can communicate the comfort level and pain threshold so the practitioner can custom adjust the level of radio frequency to desired comfort level. It is recommend to take some painkiller pills prior to the session.

How long does Thermage procedure last?


Best allocate 30-60 minutes for consultation and photographic evidence. Then another hour or so (depending on the area to be treated) for the actual procedure.


How much does a Thermage treatment cost?


This varies in different clinics and treatment done in different areas of the body. My treatment was done in New Ageing Clinic and it would cost AUD$2,500 for 1x treatment for both face and neck. Ask for Christiana, she is tops!


Who is suitable for Thermage?

This varies for individuals. I would say this is recommended for anyone from 30-60 who wants to look like their younger self but better. Personally I don’t fall in the age bracket but I am a couple of years away from 30 so I am doing this as a prevention. One that I intend to do once every couple of years.

What to expect from a Thermage treatment?


You won’t look like a different person or like the characters from The Shire that’s for sure. There won’t be any down time apart from mild redness (although I didn’t experience any) or warm sensation in skin (just mildly for me that dissipates within 12 hours). Just imagine how you look like and how your skin felt like 5 years ago, and this is what you can expect within 6 months of one Thermage treatment. It will be you, only fresher looking with plump skin, minimized fine lines and overall tighter skin.

Expect softened wrinkles and lines, smoother skin, fuller plump skin and overall younger look appearance.

Results should last 3 – 5 years depending on the individual. It is no secret that Hollywood celebrities uses Thermage as an annual treatment to maintain and keep their face ‘fresh’ looking. Frequent users of Thermage includes Oprah Winfrey, Linda Evangelista, Brad Pitt,  Gwyneth Paltrow.


Why does it take so long to see results for Thermage?


Simply because this treatment is non-invasive. What it does is to trick your skin into thinking you need heaps of collagen hence your system goes into overdrive to promote more collagen production which you will see results over the months post Thermage.


Side notes:

Thermage is also famous for being effective in reducing upper arm flabs, tightening the skin around the knee area and adding definition to ab muscles.

*Vectors are the muscles in our face in charge of keeping the face stay lifted.