It’s been awhile…

The last fitness update was back in January!!

To fill in the gaps, here’s a mini update. I took a short one week vacation to Bali in February, spent Valentine’s Day and my partner’s birthday there. During the trip, I stayed relatively close to my keto diet and also continued to get my workout in and cardio sessions as much as I could.

Post trip, surprisingly I didn’t gain/lost weight so I was pretty happy with that. I’ve been in ketosis for a good 2 and a half months and I have to say the diet has been easy on me and I had heaps of energy and no cravings due to the high fat content diet.

Last week, I was meant to start my high protein low fat and no carbs diet. However, due to a medical condition, my progress was set back a little. As a result of hospital stay, it messed with my diet and I only managed half of the workout routines I’m meant to do that week.

Having said that, I’m back on track this week and is more determined than ever to see through this comp. I have to admit it hasn’t been in smooth and pain free journey but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

Chat soon!

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