Pod & Parcel: Home coffee with a twist

Pic source: Lydi Out Loud

Let’s face it, coffee is life. When in Melbourne, coffee is religion.

For many of us, we have a coffee machine at home because God forbid us to start the day without a cuppa. I myself have a Nespresso® at home and for the longest time I’ve only drank from Nespresso® pods at home as I ain’t going down the route to grind coffee beans; that is until recently.

Pic source: HonestlyYum

Through a friend, I discovered Pod & Parcel. It’s a Melbourne based company that partners with Melbourne’s specialty roasters to bring us Nespresso® compatible eco-friendly coffee pods. Think Padre, Code Black, Common Ground, each coffee is as unique as they come and may I add a total GAMECHANGER to my at home coffee experience?

I don’t think I can go back to Nespresso® pods now that I’ve tasted the ones from Pod & Parcel. Call me a coffee snob, but why have sub par quality at home when you can have cafe quality coffee?

Be sure to run a couple of empty runs through the machine prior to enjoying your coffee to get rid of any coffee residues in the machine. Enjoy!

To purchase: Pod & Parcel website

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