Weighing scale, for the longest time I don’t use one because let’s face it; weighing scale is not the best way to track your ‘health’. Especially with females, our weight fluctuates so much from eating badly, time of month and so on.

I’ve always relied on tracking my body fat to see how I am doing with my fitness progress.

Say hello to Weight Watchers’ innovative Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale, this easy to use scale connects to smartphones/tablets via Bluetooth technology and saves data straight into your phone.

What I like about this scale:

  • It’s an all-rounder in-depth health analysis tool that tracks everything from weight, body fat %, body water, bone mass, muscle mass breakdown and BMI calculation
  • Switches on with a light tap with my feet and off it goes
  • Super easy to wirelessly sync the data from scale to my phone to track my progress daily
  • If you are a Weight Watchers member, this can connect with your app too
  • Compatible with Apple® Health or Google Fit® and allow all your favourite apps like MapMyFitness, Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal access your data


Who would love it:

  • If you are training – building strength/stamina, this will be perfect to help keep tabs of your health & fitness goals
  • Pregnant – great to track how you and bubba are growing and because it syncs data straight into your phone, you don’t even need to stress about the numbers on the scale when your belly is blocking your view
  • Post baby – track how you are progressing to get back in shape


RRP AUD$ 129.95
Available via Weight Watchers website/ Harvey Normans

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