My ICN Bikini Comp Day Results

I can’t believe I am almost 2 months late on this post. With my focus geared towards my competition on 7th May 2017, I was dialling down on my social life and side projects (including this blog).

Approximately one week out of comp

Comp day was on a Sunday and I took Friday off work as I had to get my first layer of tan in and second layer on Saturday. I was positively looking approximately 10 shades darker and also experience my first tanning experience EVER.

Spot the Kmart earrings

I decided to go with just an airbrushed make up option and left my hair naturally straight as advised by my coach. We got to the venue nice and early and had time to settle down and hung out for abit. Unfortunately as I started to get change, one of my earrings from Lovisa fell out and cracked apart upon impact on the tiles. After a mini nervous breakdown and pretty much scrambling for help from strangers to see if anyone had a spare pair of earrings to boring, I couldn’t find one. Thank goodness for Kmart next door and I tasked bae to run and buy me a pair.

With the last minute fumbling, I didn’t get to pump up/practice posing backstage as much as I would have liked. I remember when the organisers were calling for the ladies to line up to go towards backstage, I was still flustered. Standing in line backstage, I remember having a quick glimpse for the very first time who my competitors were.

I had an overwhelming feeling of inferiority running through my mind when the view I was taking in were gorgeous looking girls, blonde hair, greats bosoms and amazing physiques. Everyone else looked so well put together and they all looked like they knew what they were doing. Meanwhile, I was feeling so under prepared and was silently cursing myself for not better planning my backstage strategy out.

The moment I stepped on stage, it all went on with auto-pilot mode. I was doing things I shouldn’t be doing and I wasn’t doing the things I’ve been telling myself to do. All in all, I guess this is what competition is like, the pressure, stress, stage fright and all is what part of competition day.

Out of a line up of 14 girls, I placed 3rd in both bikini categories – First Timer and Novice. Proudly representing the only non blonde in the top 5 for ICN Victoria Bikini Novice.

I went into the competition aiming for first place but is super happy that I’ve placed top 3 in both divisions regardless. It was a tough competition and I truly enjoyed the whole process from prepping up until the moment I walk off the stage. The whole journey has been life changing and I have walked away with so much knowledge and so much more to learn in every aspect of things.

Whilst I do not see myself competing anytime soon or becoming a comp junkie, I don’t reject the idea of competing again in the future.

16 weeks of prep

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