What does “ponikuta” mean?

I often get asked this question one too many times. To be honest, Ponikuta doesn’t mean anything and it isn’t from any language either. It was just a word I made up as a pen name back in 1999 and it has stuck with me ever since.

How did you ended up with beauty blogging?

Back in 2004, I left Malaysia and started a new life in Australia. Initially, I started the blog as an online diary to encapsulate my journey. Over the years, it just organically evolved and because of my deep passion for beauty, the blog eventually became a portal for latest reviews for all things beauty and of course to share my experiences and journey with everyone who can relate.

Since founding the first beauty blogger event in Australia – MBBE (Melbourne Beauty Blogger Event) 2010, beauty blogging has taken to a whole new level in terms of quality and reputation; I am grateful to be part of this amazing beauty bloggers from Melbourne, Australia.

What is your message?

Writing, especially in a blog that is easily accessed worldwide, must be honest and delivers a simple message. This is my blog, where I write about real products and how they work for me. Readers can compare what they find on my blog with other reviews and make a sound decision of what’s best for them. If there is a message at all, it must be being honest with what works for you.

Do you try all the products you mention on your blog?

Yes, every single of them. With skincare/haircare, I will always try the product for at least two weeks before I review them and one week for makeup. Unless if it is a guest post, of course it will be clearly stated in the post.

Can you sum up your blog in one sentence?

Fuss free, honest, quick-fix beauty reviews with occasional life savior faire.

Do you get paid to blog?

100% not, unless it says “Sponsored Post”. While I get most of my products provided for reviews; I will only write reviews based on my honest opinion and if I like it. The ones that I don’t like often don’t make it to the blog.

Where else do you write?

You can also read my guest posts at PRIMPED.


You can contact me for any queries by email: ponikuta@gmail.com
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